Friday, January 4, 2013

December plateau ...

Once again missing in action for almost 2 months !!

The 14 days I took of work to recover from VGS surgery went too quickly and I was only 60% ready to go back to work when the day came!  Day 6 post op I was lactose intolerant, which I think was then reasonable for a 4 week plateau! No opti no meal replacement as they all have lactose ! Recovering this time was far easier pain wise the the lap band !

So what's life been like in the 8 weeks I have been sleeved!

Sometimes I forget that I underwent major abdominal surgery only 8 weeks ago ! This is good in that I am getting on with my life but it also makes me think I should be working with the sleeve more!  In the last 2 weeks its like the sleeve has kicked in ! I get hunger pangs every 3 hours but only need a tablespoon of food to feel satisfied. I eat 6 times a day. 3 meals and 3 snacks .

So the numbers on the scale bounced for 6 weeks, I had many moments of despair ... I wondered if this wasn't going to work at all .. but just last week right on Christmas it started shifting finally I could have kissed the scales!   Total weight loss now in 8 weeks is 9kg or 19lbs, not massive of amazing but its a start.

Reflecting on it a few things changed in the 2 weeks over Christmas, I started to change my activity .. long walks on the beach where I walked with intention not just plodded along. I focused on the speed I was walking and what my body was doing. I also started swimming at the beach not crazy laps just playing in the water and using my new boogie board I really felt that in my legs !

I still have 1 more month before I can do any abdo exercises or lift weights greater the 1.5kg... I plan to start this week adding some light weights with lots of reps into my routine  also my shoulder injury will need this to build up its strength .

This weeks plan:
4 x beach walks with the dog for 30 mins with focus and intention!
1x Aqua class on Tuesday night
2x toning sessions

Back to the doc 15th Jan for a weigh in!!

My 30th birthday is fast approaching and I have been working through my 30 things to do before turning 30 next post ill be sharing them with you !


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 2 sleeved and I am home !!! YAY

Hi All ,

I came home this afternoon after a 2 night stay.

The hospital staff were fantastic and very supportive, each day I got an apple juice 100mls and a up&go for all 3 meals. I had a lovely room looking right at the city all to my self. My doc came in both days to see how I was.

Friday I was still finding my feet had bouts of feeling sick and odd cramping. I slept well last night though and was awake at 5am feeling really good !!! By 830am I was up hair washed, blow dried and straightened make up on sitting on a freshly made bed, just hanging around. Well actually I was shopping up a storm on my ipad ops...

So my doc came in about 11am and said wow you look good do you want to go home ?? 
Yes please was my response!! 

So I got home about 230pm with panadol, pariet, buscopan and maxalon. I met a great dietician she was amazing have all the info in my little book now and will just see how we go from now on in.

So nice to be home, I am tired but pain is much less then when I had my band in and out! Infact I have no pain just mild tummy cramps every now and again.

I feel so relieved that its done I am sleeved on the other side and haven't faired too badly, so far. 

The best part I literally just remembered ... I may actually loose some weight from this whoo hoo it kinda got forgotten in all the worry and stress of the procedure and recovery! 

Onward and upward we go xox

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Made it to the other side

So here I am finally sleeved !!!!

Everything went ok, I was a ball of nerves but managed to Get through it ok. Post op yesterday was a hard day I woke with some intense pain in recovery and needed all sorts of meds to get it under control. I then went on to have a 50ml vomit of blood. Which was gross ! That has now settled this morning, they are keeping on top of pain and nausea meds as we don't want a repeat.

I am just so relived to be through to the other side !!! Will keep you posted!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Days !!!!

Two Sleeps until my sleeve op.....

 I have been trying to fit a lot in before my sleeve and work has been off the scale busy 70+ hour week for me last week. I have done 10days straight! Tomorrow at 8am I am finally finished work just in time to do some last minute things before sleeve day !!!

Tonight I planted veggies and weeded the garden because I don't think I'll be able to beds down to the plots for a little while.

I had my last appointment today, consents signed, times set, final instructions from the Doc.. oh and a weigh in.. dismal have not lost a gram since I saw him a few weeks ago. Massive anxiety but also a huge reality check the sleeve is the right choice for me.

So apart from having lots of anxiety about dying on the table, waking up in the middle of the OP and that horrid moment they wake you up and you feel like you have been hit by a bus in recovery I am pretty calm !!! Can you tell !!!

So have talked myself off the ledge a few times this week and today the doc really put it into perspective and normalised my fear and anxiety kinda.....

So discussions when I get there on Thursday will be Pre med and Post Med related I want lots of both please!!!

So one of the last things on my list is before photos and measurements!

 Apparently I am going to be in 3 nights, i think I may go mad in there. Ill have my ipad so will be sure to update you all.

Fearless .... My word for 2012 .... Feel the Fear and do it anyway !


I have been watching the footage on TV of NYC and the destruction that Sandy has caused! I am thinking all of you in NY and your families and hope you are all safe. I can't imagine what it would be like to be there now. I love NYC this is so sad. much love to you all xox 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

8 days .....

8 days .............. 8 freaking days till my sleeve surgery!

I am having all types of emotions my head is so busy with just digesting everything.

On the to do list is before photos and measurements, reading blogs has taught me how motivating this can be in the journey.

I've started stocking piling teas,shakes and a few other bits and pieces for my 2 weeks of recovery .

I am so ready for a change of pace .. I welcome this new chapter of my life and what life has in store for me next


Sunday, October 21, 2012

The countdown begins

                                                   10 Days till sleeve day !!!!!!

                              I am getting a little nervous now !! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slight pause to digest all the info !

So my sleeve op is now 7 weeks away !!! 

So I have come across a blog post from surgeon that has taken some recent data and done his own summary about what it all means. My take on this article is that he is suggesting that Lap band & Gastric bypass are much better in terms of safety and outcome. Reading this so close to my op has certainly sent me into a bit of a spin and I am on the hunt for more info. Whilst it will not change my plans I just want all the information.
I think I am having a reality check, just digesting what's actually going to happen and maybe a mini freak out! I still have this sense of what if it doesn't work? I feel so shattered that the lap band didn't work for me. The lap band failure was like this massive fall from success and for me everyone saw it ! I think I am still getting over that! 

The only way is forward!

Is it normal to feel so emotional about the whole thing? The feelings are so layered excitiment, anticipation, fear with a dash of overwhelmed. And maybe a tiny bit of wow this maybe work!

Heading out to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine xxxx