Friday, January 4, 2013

December plateau ...

Once again missing in action for almost 2 months !!

The 14 days I took of work to recover from VGS surgery went too quickly and I was only 60% ready to go back to work when the day came!  Day 6 post op I was lactose intolerant, which I think was then reasonable for a 4 week plateau! No opti no meal replacement as they all have lactose ! Recovering this time was far easier pain wise the the lap band !

So what's life been like in the 8 weeks I have been sleeved!

Sometimes I forget that I underwent major abdominal surgery only 8 weeks ago ! This is good in that I am getting on with my life but it also makes me think I should be working with the sleeve more!  In the last 2 weeks its like the sleeve has kicked in ! I get hunger pangs every 3 hours but only need a tablespoon of food to feel satisfied. I eat 6 times a day. 3 meals and 3 snacks .

So the numbers on the scale bounced for 6 weeks, I had many moments of despair ... I wondered if this wasn't going to work at all .. but just last week right on Christmas it started shifting finally I could have kissed the scales!   Total weight loss now in 8 weeks is 9kg or 19lbs, not massive of amazing but its a start.

Reflecting on it a few things changed in the 2 weeks over Christmas, I started to change my activity .. long walks on the beach where I walked with intention not just plodded along. I focused on the speed I was walking and what my body was doing. I also started swimming at the beach not crazy laps just playing in the water and using my new boogie board I really felt that in my legs !

I still have 1 more month before I can do any abdo exercises or lift weights greater the 1.5kg... I plan to start this week adding some light weights with lots of reps into my routine  also my shoulder injury will need this to build up its strength .

This weeks plan:
4 x beach walks with the dog for 30 mins with focus and intention!
1x Aqua class on Tuesday night
2x toning sessions

Back to the doc 15th Jan for a weigh in!!

My 30th birthday is fast approaching and I have been working through my 30 things to do before turning 30 next post ill be sharing them with you !


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