Friday, March 11, 2011

The 1 year banded post !

So its no secret that I am the biggest chicken when it comes to posting pictures of my self on this blog, I often chicken out and the times I have posted pics I've always removed them. Well today is my 1 year banded post I have gathered some courage to post some pictures. Although 1 year falls in 2 weeks time I have the time and the head space to blog about it today!

When I started this banding journey I really had some doubts that this would work for me. I felt desperate to find a solution to my out of control weight issues and was so very tired of the up and down not getting anywhere weight loss and gain that had gone on for the last 15 years.

I look back and I remember going to my 1st weight watchers meeting when I was 6 years old with my Mum. I have since found weight watchers member books from 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004. Not to mention all the other crazy attempts to reclaim my health and loose weight.

The turning point for me making the choice to have the band surgery was for my health. I at the time could not have cared less about being slim or skinny. I just wanted to have kidneys that worked and not feel like I was dying walking more then a few hundred meters. I also didn't want to die a premature death. It was time and here I am almost 12 months later.

The changes in the last 12 months are quite staggering some I never expected
Being able to run.. and actually enjoying it
Squatting, kneeling,sitting without pain
sleeping so much easier
Halved my blood pressure tablets
Improved my kidney function
Got rid of insulin resistance
Started Ovulating
Went down a shoe size
Went down 5 dress sizes

The Highs have been very high, aside from the health benefits the clothing highs have been fabulous.. knee high leather boots such a amazing achievement, size 14 pants this week also a massive high.
The lows in the last 12 month my stuck/too tight episode of July 2010 was so painful and frightening and really slowed my weight loss for over 3 months, requiring a unfill. The stalled scales continued September to January. Things are on the move again thank goodness!

So in total today I am 30kg or 66lbs down
from when I first weighed in November 2009 at my surgeon's office.

I know other bandsters have lost double that in the same amount of time I know I could have worked harder and lost more but I am also extremely proud of those 30kg. 1 whole year without gaining weight only loosing.
I hope that by my 2yrs banding anniversary I can be another 30kg down.

Thank you to all the people that have supported me by commenting on this blog and sharing their banding adventures in the last year. You are all so inspirational and I aspire to be a banding superstar one day! 

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