Thursday, April 29, 2010

The week that was ...

Another week has almost come to an end wow this time of the year goes so quickly!

A quick recap on my week...

My Grandma has been really sick this past week.. not really looking like she is on the improve anytime soon. She is 79 and in a nursing home.. she has been moved to the hospital because of an infection. Ive been so sad and teary about it all week. hmmm that's all I can manage to say about that at the moment but its been on my mind!

Since last Friday I have delivered 8 babies! Its been so busy... the full moon didn't help! Yesterday I was at the birth center for 14 hours straight and caught 4 babies alone!! Sometimes birth warms my heart and soothes my soul... it brings me back to whats important.. The last birth yesterday was a women I've looked after for the last 6 months she was very special to me her last experience so traumatic... but this birth was so lovely ohhh it was perfect ... and they were so thrilled.. its so lovely to be a part of such a special time in someones life !

Ive had a really nasty (.) this week, the first since being banded.. Does anyone else find their band is tighter when they get their (.) it was so odd, got stuck on 1 bit of a sandwich! Because of this I have no idea what my weight is doing. I think my weight loss has stalled. In all honesty I feel a bit confused about what to eat. hmmm I need to come up with a plan I think. Any ideas of suggests? I read a lot about protein on here.. how much should I be having!

So 10 hours left on call, I am off call at 8am! Then I am off for the weekend!! I am so excited! 
I hope you all have a great weekend xxxx

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ms skinny pants...

So I have secretly been referring to myself today as Ms skinny pants! Well skinny for me anyway!!!

I got on the scales this morning and lost 1.4kg (3lbs) woot woot woot... I was starting to get worried! So I thought maybe Ill go try on what I call my skinny pants! well they fit... no sucking in no laying flat on the bed just did them up yahoo! Then I thought maybe just maybe I will try on a shirt I haven't worn in years!! and mmm it did up! punches the air in excitement...

My excitement didn't last very long because I was called to a birth at 0830 and had to put scrubs on.... So another challenge.. I haven't put scrubs on since the middle of March...So what size to choose... I went with my regular XXL and they were baggy.. but I didn't have time to mess around so I wore baggy scrubs all day ahah.. Today was the first day I have done a 12hours shift since my surgery. Labour care, squatting, bending, leaning, lifting. I also managed to maintain squatting on the floor for a full 45mins as this is where the woman birthed her on my feet all day... in fact today was so busy that I didn't get a break.. which after 12hours on your feet is a lot! Even managed to do the 12 hours which saw the birth of a sweet little baby boy.. then still see all my inpatients...

I had a lot of energy today.. which surprises me.. I had a fill yesterday had 1cc put in, so have been on fluids the last 24 hours.. I had a meal replacement shake for brekkie.. a small yogurt at 10ish then another shake at 1600..

So much has been going on this week... its been a rather sad week... will post later about that all when I get a chance ...

Catching up on all your blogs now

K xxx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

B.O.O.B .....could I.. and the wkend

I have been MIA in blog land for about 4 days... So much catching up to do! So I have just got a whiff of Chicago mania that is sweeping across the blogs... I Love America its my number 1 Holiday destination... so the thought of having something to attend in the states and meeting all of you is very tempting....
So the wedding Ive been stressing about was this weekend... Things went really well it was very hectic but we got there!No rain! although we did have an earth quake 3.8 the night before as we were having the important all girl sleepover...We stayed at a little B&B in the middle of a vineyard...Frightening!!!

I felt good having lost some weight my dress certainly needed some fashion tape on the cleavage as I've lost 10cm off my bust!

It was a gorgeous wedding, held at a boutique winery called the Lazy Ballerina its in the country and so lovely! I of course could not sample any of the gorgeous wines! I did manage a few small nibbles and some (1 slice) yummy wood oven pizza that was coming fresh out of the oven right in front of us (back to that later).

No movement on the scales on Friday... I was exactly the same as last Friday! humph
I haven't gone near the scales since Friday only because I haven't been home! It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow! I have a fill booked in for Thursday!

So back to the Pizza... so there was so much Pizza already paid for coming out of this amazing wood oven that they decided once everyone appeared full that they would start boxing it up for people to take home! over 40 pizzas were boxed up! So I figured it went down so easily why not take one home and heat up a slice for dinner! The other bridesmaid and I worked so hard all day then spent 3 hours cleaning up.. stacking chair.. taking down lantern arhhh all in heels.. I got home late... heated up some pizza.. one bite mmm snug fit.. second bite so stuck that I jumped out of the chair and started pacing... and panicking ohh the pain it awful.. I then PB'ed a bit ... then a bit more... sliming ohhh I was freaking out.. coughed..gaged...cried.. then vomited... arhhh relief......but raw and so sore I hope that never ever happens again it was awful!

Back to work this week... full steam ahead looking forward to getting back into the swing I have a feeling I am going to hit the ground running!

Sorry for the epic post .. well done if you have read to here

K xxx

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weigh in day ...

Friday is my weigh in day as I had my band placed on a Friday!

Today the scales down 1kg or 2.2lbs

Current weight 123.4kg 271.4lbs

I also did my body measurements

Fairly happy with the CM loss!

I have my friends wedding next weekend so the loss couldn't have come at a better time! I still feeling really nervous about being the biggest bridesmaid.. Also had a last minute dress change as the 1st one is now hanging off me!

One of my jobs for the wedding since I am the "cook" amongst my friends is to make 100 Turkish delight truffles..... hmmm so I will be doing that over the weekend !

Back from the doctor ...

So the good news is that the band has not slipped! YAY! phewww..

The doctor thinks that the pain is caused by where the tubing from the port to the band enters the abdo wall, apparently this little hole can get inflamed and aggravated as everything is settling down. So good news I hope thats all it is !

So we went ahead with the fill... He had some difficultly finding it but he did.. He put 3.5cc/ml in.. It was a very odd feeling but not really painful at all. He asked me to go to the waiting room and drink half a cup of water slowly to see how I go... Well first sip.. funny feeling in my throat... second sip tightness in my chest.. tried to burp no go... hmm third sip as I thought I making it up.. Stuck!!!!
So back in I went to have 1cc/ml taken out! So glad he only took out a 1 ....

Wow restriction feels so different to what I have felt the last 2 weeks! I thought I had some restriction but clearly I had none!!!

For dinner I had 4 spoonfuls of sweet potato and Leek soup with some ricotta blended through it... is that right? wow doesn't feel like much!

Thanks for the replies on my previous post I feel so lucky to have this community

K xxx

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How do you know if the bands slipped?

I thought it was just healing pain.... but now I am not so sure...

Could it have slipped...

The pain is all left sided, its there most of the time. Its worse when I lay down and really bad when I try to lie of my left side in bed. Today I was holding my 10wk old nephew and as I repositioned him in my arms I got a crippling pulling feeling on the left side. The shoulder tip pain has stayed away today but Ive mainly stayed on fluids. hmmmmmm

Should I be able to feel the band? I can feel the port but I think I can actually feel the band to the left... Anyone else feel the same?

I am seeing the Doctors tomorrow its ment to be a fill... I just hope the band hasnt moved ohhh!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shoulder tip pain!!!!

The last 3 nights between 9-11pm comes and goes but when it comes its really crippling arhhhhh.. tried heat pack and panadol hmmmphhh

On to more exciting new my magic bullet blender arrived today and I LOVE it! Its so amazing ! For dinner tonight I blended 1 egg,a dash of milk 5 slices of veggies, 1 small chuck of ricotta and 1 slice of ham. It blended completely smooth!!! I then made it into an omelet and it was fab!!!!! I high recommend it to new bandster love love love it !!!

The scale is bouncing and I am really not liking it at all! Friday is my record day so here's hoping its down down down!!!!!

So inspired by all the blogs this week some many of you reaching goal!!! and so many losing huge amounts! thank you all for sharing xxx

K xxx

Monday, April 5, 2010

NSV....and My Monster closet....

Just a bit of background my wardrobe 6 months ago was over flowing and had been for at least 4 years. It was full of clothing in all different sizes from 16's right through to 26's. It would be true to say that I have been all of these sizes in the last 4years. Sadly the 16's were a very fleeting moment but hey I got there !

So to paint a picture in November when I started this band journey this is what my closet consisted of. 6 drawer tallboy stack full of clothing, 1 side of a built in robe hang space busting in fact buckling under the weight of all the hanging clothing 2 rows! and 6 yes 6 extra large size space saver bags full of clothing under the bed. My poor husband has put up with this for so long. It was so bad that I could only have the current seasons clothing in the actual wardrobe.

So I am pleased to say that on Saturday we went through everything yet again... I am left with half of the hanging space, half of the tallboy and no space saver bags!!! wooohooo..

Now how we got to this point.. My current jeans started to fall down on Thursday and I was terrified that the next size down would not fit me just yet... but they did!

I am down a size ! Now in a size 20 jeans! I fit into my size 20 old navy sweetheart jeans that I bought in LA last year! I also fit into the old navy diva cut that I have never been able to get into (tags still on)... My favorite Dickies girl jeans size 20 are slightly too tight but I can get them done up! Its a NSV thats for sure.... I have my dream outfit waiting which is size 18 Dickies girl jeans and a Las vegas hard rock cafe tshirt the small skinny gal type in a XXL... Now I know this isnt a very glamorous dream outfit but its something I havnt been able to wear just jeans and a tshirt... basic... but a dream !

The thought that keep entering my head... so my dream outfit is now the next size down in jeans.. I am in a 20 they are an 18..... oh my goodness 16 comes next could I actually wear a 16... and does it stop there is a 14 even on the table arhhhhh....

ok bed time here night night K xx

Saturday, April 3, 2010

so whats the plan....

Today's a funny day I am thinking long and hard how I am going to manage my eating over the next week.. I gained 300grams this morning.. It was bound to happen at some stage.. Yesterday was the first time I had attempted mushies.. I had 2 tablespoons of mince and veg put in the blender then into some smooth sweet potato and leek soup... then I gained pfffftttt!!!

Meal replacement shakes have been a way of life for me over the last 3 years.. Ive had them for breakfast most of the time in that 3 years... So I don't mind having a shake for breakfast and even lunch...but part of me thinks that's not why I got the band.. I just don't know what to eat... I am feeling desperate to get this weight moving ...

Interesting that for the first time since the day of my surgery I am getting shoulder tip pain when I eat... hmmm I am guessing that's my full feeling..

K xxx

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Advice needed....

So it seems I have a lot to say at the moment, Sorry if you are sick of my posts...

Today I saw one of the doctors at the clinic I attend,a few things came up

1. Staples removed no problems little pain all great

2. I have had this odd rash since the surgery it comes and goes. It only appears on skin that has had pressure on it. for example after my shower in the morning it is all over me but fades within an hour. When the doctor took the hyper fix off my scars it instantly came out then faded within an hour. At times it looks like a tiger has scratched me. (Ill try get a photo) its odd. The doctor has no idea what it is.. and joked that I am allergic to the lap band!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY! Has anyone else Had this rash post op???

3. My left thigh on the outer edge has been getting progressively more numb since the surgery... today it has extended down to under the knee.. I thought maybe my hips were out or maybe a pinched nerve... I mentioned this to the doctor and he seems to think its from the injection they gave me in my leg to stop vomiting. Sometimes it can damage a nerve.. it will either get better over the next few months or its permanent..... arhhhhhhh

4. We discussed my hunger levels and how since Tuesday I am having some hunger... His suggestion to slowly move on to mushie foods over the weekend.. and wait for it..... he will do a fill next Thursday 13 days post op.... Ekkkkk I asked him about common practice and research benefit/disadvantages of having an early fill.. He said some practices believe in fills at 1 wk post op and others will do them routinely at 2 weeks....... his most common practice was 3weeks but his seen a lot of benefit in doing them early.... What do you all think???

I feel so lucky that I am able to ask you all these questions... Any advice, experience or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

K xx