Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Kilo or 2.2lbs !!!

I cant believe it .... 1.1kg down since yesterday holy moly !!!!

So now 5.5kg or 12lbs since my op! Yahoooo......

I have never ever lost that amount of weight in 7days ever!!!!

I keep having nagging thoughts is it too good to be true arhhhhh

So I am a bridesmaid in a wedding on the 17th of April, I tried the dress on this morning hmmm roomy... So what to do... thinking of booking a last min alteration so its fitting well...Since I am the biggest bridesmaid I am so thankful for the timing of getting the band...Thank you universe!

off to get these staples out ... and weigh in ..

K xxxx

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

is the inferno coming....

Day 6 today...

So yesterday I felt hunger for the first time since the surgery.. I was a little upset about it. This is what I had yesterday

Brekkie 375ml meal replacement shake
Lunch 375ml Meal replacement shake
mid arvo 150mls, banana, blueberry and yogurt smoothie
Dinner 2/3 cup of cream of cauili soup
2 hours later 375ml meal replacement shake

so I am a little sad and annoyed about it.. I am feeling hunger now and also the scales were only down 100grams this morning doh doh doh!!!

I am trying to not get obsessed about it... Clearly the first few days after surgery when you aren't eating much of course you are going to loose big amounts hmmphhh

Ive read back on a few peoples blogs to see what was happening at this stage and it seems to be the way it plays out! and it also seem this is all leading to bandster hell or worse bandster inferno!!!

I have no idea when they will let me have a fill... Getting the staples out tomorrow so will let the low down... Also the port site is so tender... I over did it again yesterday and paid for it last night feeling pulling/tearing/stabbing hmmmm

K xxx

Monday, March 29, 2010

A new lowest on the scales...

Weighed in this morning as I can feel the weight moving... The number I saw kind of shocked me (275lbs) thats 4.5kg (9,9lbs) in 5 days !!!!! and 9.6kg (21 lbs)since starting optifast!

So heres the million dollar question.... Should I expect it to stay off.. I really dont want to put it back on !

I am not super hungary but can tell when I need some more shake or soup.

Morning people xxx
I just realised that I am actually banded!!!! and I am starting to beleive that this could change my life! After everything I've been through with my wieght this may actaully work............ wow I feel like doing a happy dance ! Sorry just had to share !

Day 4 ...

So last night I had a lot of pain whilst moving around in bed kind a pulling sensation it felt terrible and frighten me a bit..

Today I was up early and showered managed another blow dry, straighten and a touch of make up all before 9am. Headed off to do some jobs at the post office and store. My friend called in for a cup of tea midmorning and bought tea and mags! Then at lunch I head into town on a 45min drive to pick up my dad in the city.. Not my smartest move. I got out of the car and whilst slinging my bag over my should got another crippling pulling sensation on my left side and across to the port site hmmmmm I was in so much pain for a good 10mins before it settled.

So that was my reminder that I am only 4 days post op and need to chill out!!! I keep saying yes to all the things people are asking me to do. I think becasue I am off people keep asking me to do things for them. I am on sick leave I need to rest.. I am also working out what the sensations mean.. the full sensation I think I have that one filed now!

Today Food wise I managed..

100mls Meal replacement

60mls banana smoothie

100lms meal replacement

4 tablespoons of caustard

1000mls of water so far..

Not really hungary but tummy is rumbling a lot this evening not sure what that means...

I hope I am doing everything right... And I hope I havnt done any damage to my band hmmm!

Loving keeping up with all your blogs over the last few days its nice to have some down time !

K xxx

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 3 .... settling in..

I have been home now for over 24 hours. Things are going well, Slept last night 2 blocks of four hours which was better then I thought. Woke up feeling really well, I went on to spend almost an hour showering and getting dressed, even managed to put some colour on my face and blow dry and straighten my hair!

My family called past at 9am and I was up making tea and coffee for them all. Then my sister and nephew came over and I was up making more cups of tea. Then my parents came over and I made more cups of tea and hot cross buns for everyone but me!!! haha I think they really don't realise what Ive had done! So it's 4pm and Ive just managed a short walk around to the local store for some milk.

Feeling rather tired now and a tad achy, so more pain meds for me! Its my Brothers 30th birthday today and may parents are hosting him a dinner party of yummy Thai food! I have decided to go after they eat just in time to sing happy birthday and give him a present! I am not really Hungary well I dont think I am.. My tummy is rumbling and gurgling a lot.

Today I've had

Brekkie 125mls meal replacement shake

Snack 125mls Meal replacement shake

Lunch 125mls Meal replacement shake
30mls yogurt

Snack 50mls banana smoothie milk, banana, vanilla yogurt Blended till smooth

Dinner I am planning soup and maybe some custard

I hope I am not over doing it.. the Meal replacement shake is a premix shake that comes in a 375ml carton which is 207cals for the whole thing so Ive split it into 3 serves.

So I wonder did the scales move at this stage for everyone else?? what should i expect!!!

Big hello to the new followers welcome to my blog xxx

K xxxx

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Made it to the other side!

So after all my anxious moments and nerves I made it I am banded!!

Thursday night after my little panic about the missing period, I actually got so stressed out that I got this red itchy rash all over my body. I was pulling my skin off almost like hives. So at midnight I was standing in a cool shower trying to get it to stop itching. Managed 3 hours sleep before I woke again scratching. It was almost time to get up anyway so up I got. I had a Telefast to stop the itching.. not sure if I was meant to but it worked and the itching stopped.

Got to the hospital at 6am as they had asked as I was first on the list. All signed in and then had to say goodbye  as I was going straight through to pre-op and then theater. I hate saying goodbye just did it quickly and off I went. Questions, health check, weigh in and gowned. Then more waiting! My over the top anaesthetist had told me that I would get a "gin and tonic" before going through to the larger operating theater. Quite funny really he gave it to me and it didnt really touch the sides I was chatting away and started teasing him say that if it was suppose to make me stop talking it hadnt worked, well he says here's your next shot of G&T bang I dont remember a thing from then on! hahahahaah so glad I dont remember the mask on my face part ewww...

So woke up in recovery and that wasnt too bad.. I didnt realise that I would be in the high dependency ward just because they wanted to monitor me closely with the morphine they had give me and I was considered high risk. That's where I spent the night getting ob's every two hours, so not much sleep for me! I did vomit shortly after getting back to the ward and once after trying 40mls of milk for dinner... ohhh so nasty vomiting after this surgery!

So at 4am I got up to use the bathroom and there is was my missing period.. Cheeky tart that she is... why today and not 3 days ago! I normally have the worst time pain wise with them and this one isnt any different. The pain meds are helping a bit but I did take a naprogesic (like Midol) as well which I am hoping I was allowed to do!

So far today Ive had, Brekkie 4 spoonfuls of jelly and a cup of tea. Lunch 50mls of Optifast shake, and now another sweet cup of tea. for dinner I might try some custard. Loving the sweet, milky warm tea very soothing. trying with the water also!

So a massive thanks you all for replying and reading my blog. your support is so amazing you guys really understand and I look forward to sharing more!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

it was the night before surgrey...

ok so I've been mildly anxious all day.... and now I just got a whole lot more anxious infact I am diving into a mild panic... I've just realised something is missing ... something very important Holy crappola.. My period is 8 days late.... 8 days what the... its never ever this late...

Could the weight loss have messed with it... Ive never wanted it to come so badly...

oh I could cry...

crap ...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 more sleeps....

I got up this morning and and weighed in... YAY YAY YAY YAY I have lost 5.4kg 10lb8oz on my post op diet !!! Just in the nick of time hey! They asked me to loose 5kg! Now I am just frightened about keeping it all off for another 2 days!!

I am still a little nervous about Friday ... I keep thinking what if I don't wake up... I think I've been spooked by an incident at work on the weekend, had a well and healthy women die whilst having her baby. It was so rare what she died of by she was 23 and had no pre existing health conditions!! Of course there has been lots going on at works about it so I guess its on my mind.

Ive almost finished my handover for my job which I will be meeting with the person being me for the 2 weeks tomorrow. I am feeling anxious about this too but very ready to hand it over and not think about it anymore.

Did anyone have a last favorite meal? Some people have asked me if I am going too.. Personally I don't really see the point. Why wound I need to have one last meal.. I guess for me it wouldn't be fast food maybe something gourmet...or chocolate.. But is my head not in the right place if I am even thinking about this....hmmm

So now that work is almost done I plan to catch up on all your blogs and keep you all updated about whats going on here!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 days till band day!!!

So the count down is going so quickly now... 5 days till band day!

Wow its taken so long for this week to arrive and now its here and I feel like I am trying to put the brakes on!

In the last 2 weeks,

Ive doubted the band.. wondered if it will really work

Questioned my own strength to get through this

Kept picturing the moment they put the mask on your face to put you to sleep arhhh scary!

Had some anxiety about handing over my job for 2 weeks!

Started telling more people about the pending surgery...

So I have 3 days at work.. 3 fairly intense days Id say then I am off until the 10th of April. I have a question to all you banders that have gone before me! Is there anything I should buy food, meds anything before Friday!! any advice please!!

Looking forward to a interesting week a head!

K xx

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The dreaded BBQ!!!

So yesterday was a little hard.. weekends really do suck when it comes to trying to do the PreOp diet. A few slip up on Saturday I tried so hard... hmmmpffff...

Then today we had a BBQ birthday to go to. I told the host about my preop diet and that if she didnt mind we would come late after they had eaten. Mainly to avoid the questions as to why I wasnt eating. So we thought we timed it perfectly but we arrived just as they were eating!!!! anyway I made the excuse that we had just eaten at a prior event!!! BBQ smell.. onions on the grill !!!!!!!!!! I just sipped my water and chatted... I survived I then came home to dinner veggies stir fried and I just an hour ago caved in and ate 3 squares of chocolate WTF is wrong with me !!!!

ohh I feel crappier and I now have a killer headache!!!!

Going to try to stay super focused this week! I have an appointment on Thursday to check on my pre op weight loss ohhhh and I am pre menstrual too which is not going to help with the scales doh doh !!!

taking my self to bed... Ohh how I hate Mondays 5am start bahh..!

K xxx

Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting my groove .....

so today is day 8 of the pre op diet!! I SURVIVED!!!

I feel a massive sense of achievement today.. I did 4 days of the recommended 2 meal replacements and 1 protein serve and veggies and 3 of full meal replacements. The scales this morning were down yay yay yay... Loss of 2.9kg or 6.3LBS Thanks Goodness! All that hard work was not lost...

So this week going to back it up... hoping for another 3kg... Going to try for 3 workouts!

13days to OP day woohoo


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are we there yet !

hanging in there... by a thread..

day 5 today ohh my god is that all.....

Tiredness has hit an all time high as has the grumpiness that comes with feeling Hungary all the bloody time!!!

Lots of nauseous and feeling yucky...

I have found distraction the best tool and water. also a little panadol hasnt gone astray!

16 days to go!

will post more later and try to stop whinging...

K xxx

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scales down another 200g this morning.. so 700g in 2 days...

Feeling really empty... I have a constant hungur that just hangs around..

Its a stormy morning here with lots of rain.. the kind of weather that makes you snuggle up in your trackies and eat rasin toast and hot tea... hmmm well that is happening in this house this morning and I am just sitting here enjoying my chocolate shake and hot tea with no sugar arhhhh....trying not to smell that amazing smell of hot rasin toast bahhhh..

Off to work shortly so that a good thing keeps me busy.. It may be a long week!

K xx

The pre op diet has started

So today is day 2 of the preop diet...

7kg just seemed like far too much weight to loose in 10days so I decided to start a few days early.. I have to loose 5kg (11 lbs) by the 18th and 7kg (15.4lbs) by the 26th arhhhhhhhhh.......

So yesterday was tough but I got through it..

Brekkie - Shake

Lunch - shake

arvo snack - Cream of cauli soup
(from my sureslim cook book less the 30cals per serve)

Roasted zucchini, tomato, asparagus and broccoli
on a bed of Notatoes ( whipped cauli from Tony Ferguson cookbook)it actually tastes like mashed potatoes)
with 120g of seasoned chicken breast mince

Diet yogurt

2.5L of water

This is the diet I was given.. some people I know have had to do 3 shakes a day and no food. Just hoping I have the same results!

Hoping I am on track... scales down .5kg this morning!!

19 days to go !!!!!!!

K xxx

Friday, March 5, 2010

pre op count down....

This morning I saw the surgeon for the first time other times I had just seen his assistants. I got the talk... the committment talk which I appreciated hearing..

They gave me my supply of Optifast... and the news that I have to do optifast for 2 weeks.. I must loose 7kg before the 26th of March other wise they may considar not doing my surgrey !!!! arhhhhhh

Have dietician on the 15th and then a weigh in on the 18th to see if I am close to my goal ohh my goodness!!!!

All this and still 3 babies to arrive before I start my SL on the 25th arhhhhh

20 days to go!!!!!!!

Happy weekend people xxxx

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The cold hard truth

So today I started the process of updating my Passport.. I had to get one of those unattractive passport photos. Well once it was done and handed over to me I was shocked and perhaps speechless about the cold hard truth before me.. My face.. double maybe triple chin.. puffy cheeks and no definition no cheek bones, my neck so thick and chunky I felt sick... wow so disgusted !

I am ready body.. I am ready to help you get out of this state your in and I am so sorry I've take so long to help you work and move better....

So tomorrow 830am is my last pre op appt and I hopefully will have my preop diet instructions as I am so ready for the next part!

Feeling kinda flat today, frustrated and so ready for change... Still cant bring my self to post any pictures of my before state!! Maybe the eve of surgery will be when I am ready!

K xxx