Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new low !!

This weeks weigh in was exciting!! a new low...
Totally excited!!! So I didn't smash through August as I'd planned but I am still fairly happy! I think I've finally worked out my limits and just how little food I actually need.. its only in the last 2 weeks that I've worked out I can have 4 small crackers and 2 thin slices of cheese for lunch and not need anything to dinner!

Todays the last day of winter... Bring on spring... !!!

K xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

This weeks weigh in ...

I lost 1.3kg !!! 2pounds yahhhooooo!!

So excited!!!!

In other NSV I bought some black work pants in a size 16..yes they are stretch but they fit. I then bought the size 14 as well as something to aim for!! SIZE 14!!! this is the first time size 14 has ever entered my house !!!!

I have always had the widest foot... I never fit into the pretty shoes... Well today I tried on a cheap target pair of booties with a ridiculously massive heel... my god they fit I actually squealed out loud!! I couldn't walk in them so I didn't buy them but they fit... excitement plus... I think my foot has got skinnier!!

Have a lovely week all

K xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

thank you fill and fluids ...

So the scale gave me a taste of what might be to come in the near future!!!

113.5kg Thank you scale! I actually high fived myself!!

Who knows if it will be there tomorrow or the next day.. but it was there ...

TTOTM is hours away... Damn you uterus.. but I always have my lightest day for the month 3days after its gone so who knows what it will bring!

I have just read Amy's goal post and I am so in awe of her and the amazing journey she has had..

Believe trust create

K xx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Band update ...Crunching the numbers... and a fill...

So today I went to have a fill.. the last week or so I've noticed that I've had a bit of night hunger and felt a bit snacky...I had another 0.5 added bringing me to 5.5... I had a question for my doctor..

1. Why do I feel like I am not loosing weight

We talked about calories per day.. exercise.. water retention..building muscle.. low salt diets.. weighing daily..TTOTM..and lastly.. recording monthly!!!

It was like a light bulb went on all of a sudden.. I have been so addicted to weighing daily and recording weekly. I do think doing this keeps you honest to your self.. it keeps you on track. BUT I think looking at a months total is really helpful!

So I did and this is what I came up with I was quite surprised! (I have recorded form the 15th of each months to the 15th of the next)

April 10.4kg 22lbs
May 1.7kg 3lbs
June 3.2kg 7lbs
July 1.7kg 3lbs
August 1.9kg 4lbs

So Total Loss since starting the Banding journey 21kg 46lbs...

I am feeling more content about my progress and the future weight loss.. If I had not have had band surgery I would not be loosing anything I'd probably be gaining!!

On the flip side seeing I lost 3.2kg in June is proof I can do it!! I can loose bigger numbers!!

So with my 6 months band anniversary coming up in September I am really looking forward to smashing through the rest of August!!!

K xxx

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New blogger and bandster to be ...

A new Aussie blogger added me today, The Babbling Bandit she has her banding surgery in 9 sleeps! How exciting can you all remember the count down to banding... For me it got more and more exciting everyday! I am sure she would love you all to pop over to her new blog and say HI you can find it here :

I've been blogging since Christmas and only have 57 followers haha so I don't know if I'll be much help ...haha

K xx

Friday, August 13, 2010

I haven't exercised much at all this week... I did 2 weights session... no cardio though.. partly because work has been busy but in hindsight I think I have really let my weight gain last week get to me... and instead of getting on with it I without even realising it have dropped the ball so to speak....

So the scales were nice to me this morning with weigh in day on Monday I have every hope that I may have lost some weight this week... I will do measurements as well maybe that will make me feel better ...

My size 16 jeans feel loose... and my leather boots that I bought in June are feeling very loose...

I am totally holding on to the hope that I can still get to 110kg by the end of August!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

this weeks weigh in...

I hate you scales !!!

Seriously.. So I gained 700grams.... almost 1.5lbs...

Maybe I did too much weight training....

OK so now I've had my little rant.... I am not going to let it bother me.. My size 16 jeans fit I am feeling good.. I have to get over the fact that the scale isn't my only measure of success... sadly my doctors uses this as his only measure :(

onward and upward...

trust.. believe...


Saturday, August 7, 2010

NSV will have to do since the scale isnt moving...

So massive non scale victory for me this week.. I have graced my treadmill with my presence FIVE times this week!!! I have been doing the c25k program still but mixing it up in terms of weeks.. So five 30 min interval training sessions on the treadmill followed but circuits... alternating strength and free weights exercises everyday after my interval training... FIVE times that has be be a record!!!!

So this ponderings are ...

Can a polar heart rate monitor lie...?????

Mines set up correctly.. weight height ect... for example last night I did interval training for 30 mins and 20 mins of standing and floor strengthening exercises.. lots and lots of squats arhhh!!! So at the end my Polar HR monitor tells me I burnt 770cals... REALLY!!!!! I sweated a whole lot... huffed and puffed a heap.. but 770cals!! All week I've burnt similar between 500-800cals per session....

Can salt and protein drink make you gain over night ???
This week I've been quite busy so have resorted to protein drinks for lunch .. they have abour 14grams of protein in them.... So with all of the above exercise my weight has been up and down all week! and today is 2 pounds above my official weight on last week what the!!!! with weigh in tomorrow I am terrified that I will gain !

In another non scales victory.. My size 18AU jeans were in the wash yesterday so I put on my same style size 16AU and THEY FIT ... hahaha .. I feel fabulous wearing them!!!

I am still on the trail of 5kg ( 9lbs) for August.... Ill just keep on believing!!!

Trust ... Believe.... Create .... Succeed

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a birth to bring me back ..

Just had to share what a massive high I am on today.. I attended the most gorgeous homebirth today... I've worked with the woman for the last 6 months planning her birth..

This morning I arrived at her house at 1115 after she phoned saying things were on... She graceful with such amazing strength and power pushed her baby into my hands at 1153 .. wow it was quick ... the second midwife didn't arrive till the baby was 7 mins old.. I've never been alone at a homebirth before.. slightly scary but totally exhilarating ....

I felt Strong ... going back and forth from kneeling on the floor to standing... I squatted to catch the baby.. something I haven't been able to do for long periods of time ever before! I didn't sweat one drop ... I used to sweat a lot at births it would run off me.. not today.. I was calm .. cool and collected..

It was a gorgeous gorgeous birth.. I feel so alive,awake to the power of women, the power of birth .. and so very blessed to be able to share in someone elses birth.. arhh tears!

ok that's all from me today K xxx

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

moving forward...

So for the last week I've been sporting what I will call baggy bum syndrome... my work pants are the issue.. I don't wear a uniform so have to keep a working wardrobe happening all year round... So I am down to 3 pairs of work pant.. all of which are baggy particularly in the bum... its starting to look a little ridiculous!

So today I went to find some in a smaller size! All the current ones are a size 18! So I got some size 16's black pants.. and they are fairly tight... hmm but the 18's same brand same style are way too big..

What is the deal.. going from a 18-16 AU is proving to be difficult! There really needs to be a in between size !! Does anyone have this issue???

Well I am hoping I move down quickly to 14-16's so this wont be a issue for much longer!!

I did purchase a gorgeous skirt on clearance in a 16 that's not going to fit for a while but it gives me something to aspire too..

Last night I was doing some day dreaming... imagining what it would be like to be close to goal.. Its 9months till our America trip .. I have my sights set on being very close to goal by then..

I've been crunching numbers trying to set a realistic goal .. in doing so I worked out I've already lost 1/3 of the weight I need to loose..