Sunday, July 1, 2012

Head First Fearless ..

Head first FEARLESS is my inspiration at the moment ... I feel like I am in some odd limbo band out but awaiting the sleeve operation.. November feels so far away .. I have joined C-u-r-v -e-s, which was a little scary getting on the scales and going through the whole sign up thing... I think it will be a good start for me as I feel like I am starting from scratch again. I think after a period of time the circuits will get a little boring and I would feel ready for the next thing! I am going to give it 12months. I am hoping that group fitness in the park or the big gym is what I am read for in 12 months. 

I'd love to have a fitness plan that included lots of variety. I have come to terms with the fact that working the way I do 24hour shifts across a 7 day roster I am never going to have a routine.  So I have decided to see exercise as an opportunistic event if I have 30 mins free home or at work then that's enough time to do something.

If I am at home I will go to C-U-R-V-E-S, use my yoga DVD, treadmill, weights or take my new little puppy Wallace to the park at the end of the street, the beach 5 mins walk or around the block.

If I am at work there is stairs so many stairs ... the hospital is surrounded by parkland's so a walk around the park or there is an impressive hill that always makes me work hard. 

I have to forget trying to conform to a routine and start seeing a 30 minute window as an opportunity to get some exercise in. 

Last week I took Wallace to the beach 4 times for 30mins each time, as he gets bigger he will be able to walk for longer so that will be good. I also got in 2 c-u-r-v-e-s workouts and parked a lot further away from work then normal. 

Today the 1st day of the week I went to C-u-r-v-e-s this morning whilst being on call and am planning a trip to the beach if this weather holds for Wallace later on once I have finished all this paper work ! 

The countdown continues to the sleeve ..... the only way is forward !