Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still counting down the days.... 37 to go till lap band day!!! Feeling like I am in some kind of odd limbo... Do I start the liquid diet now.. do I wait till my doctors ask me too... Do I enjoy the foods now that I know will be off the menu as soon as I have the band... It's a very odd feeling... What Ive come up with is eating as balanced as I can.. cutting down on carbs. Its such a difficult place to be in arhhhh!

So yesterday whilst out shopping I found the new book by Susan Hepburn Hypno Diet... when I got home I had this horrible feeling of wow I've been conned again!! but anyway I will read it maybe it will give some insight about the mental/emotional aspects of this journey! Ill certainly let you know what the verdict is !

K xx

Sunday, February 21, 2010

the closet...

So today I had a date with closet ... Ive had a love hate relationship with my closet for the past 20 years. My closet contains... the biggest size I have ever been Size 26 then every size to the smallest size I have been Size 16. Mind you I was only a size 16 for maybe 1 month in 2007! But I hold on to those jeans like they are my salvation! I also have a full built in closet that is busting with hanging clothes, a tallboy with 5 drawers over full and 3 space saver bags in suitcases under the bed!!!!! Well Today I went through everything... I threw out 4 bags of clothing... 2 bags to the salvos.... and 1 bag of things to sell as they still had tags!!!!

After sorting everything I split it into 4 piles, wear now, size 22-20, size 20-18 and size 18-16. I took some photos see above ... Out of everything in my closet about 15% of it I am able to wear now.... Everything else is too small.... **tears**

It was such an emotional few hours folding some of my fav clothes putting them away.... I feel even more determined to get this band and get it working...

I found a pair of jeans that I bought when I was in the US in 2007! They are size 18 Dickie's girl jeans boot cut! they are my fav! I also have a tshirt that I bought at the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas its nothing special its just a t'shirt cap sleeve, its something a "skinny gal" would wear, its a size XXL but a slim fit!! The day I can get into the jeans and wear my T'shirt will be the day I celebrate ! I hope to wear this out fit to the states next year... ohh if only !

So now I have my celebration out fit set, I just have to find that official before pic !
K xxx

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bari Bear arrived ...

Thank you so much Lap Band girl ( for sending me the gorgeous bear to help me post op!! I love him! it was so lovely to receive it!

Here's a picture of him arriving at my house in Australia all the way from Oregon !!
I promise to pass him on to someone else as soon as I am post op and healed!
The sisterhood of the traveling bear !!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Counting the days,,,,

36 Days, till my band Op!!!!

No word from the surgeon on a pre op diet yet... I wonder if I will have to do one ! Part of me wants to to hurry up the weight loss!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sticking to the plan!!!!

So its been a big weekend of thinking and trying to work out what to do in regards to my brother telling me that his wedding will be on March 27th !!!!

Who plans a wedding in 6 weeks and gives their interstate guests 6wks notice!!!!! grrrrrrr

Anyway after talking to my family and then my brother! I have decided that I wont be going to the wedding. I was so torn for a few days, but I feel I need to honour my commitment to the band and changing my life.

I truly believe that is my brother really wanted all his family there he would have given us all at least 2 months notice. I ended up telling him about my surgery plans and he said he really didn't want me to change it ! so that's sorted I wont be going ! I am relieved but still a tad sad...

So I was meant to have my final appt with my surgeon Monday just gone... I went to get my bloods down the morning of the appointment then after reading what tests they had ordered realised that they were meant to be fasting!!!!! So I had to move my appointment till March 1st! So that will be 3 wks out from my surgery!

Getting ready for a massive week with 3 12hour shifts over the next 2 days ......

Have a fab week peoples K xxxx

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Testing email posting!!!

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what to do....

Tonight my brother who lives in another state approx 8hours away... Has announced that he is getting married on March 27th!!!!!! My banding date is March 26th!!! boooooo

So what do I do... I really feel that I cant miss his wedding... but I really want/need my band...

Will have to see if my some miracle that I can get a date in the week that follows as I have already booked my annual leave and someone to replace me...

arhhh what to do !! Help !

Friday, February 12, 2010


So I am just starting to get into twitter now that I understand it a bit better!

Does anyone else have it... I'd love to follow some more people... at the moment I just have famous people and a few businesses!!!

If you want to share your twitter let me know and I'll add you!!!

Tweet Tweet !


I forgot to do my bloods for my appointment on Monday!!! grrrr crappo!!!

Will have to see if they are open on Saturdays and try to get it done in the morning!!!

So excited that the sisterhood of the traveling bear is coming down under to me shortly I'll be sure to post some pics!!!

I am also still trying to pick a before photo to post... at this stage still pre banded everything looks terrible..

K xxx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want too....

Yes it is my birthday.... and what an emotional time its been!

Nothing upsets me more then people who assume how you feel.... or what you opinion might be !

My family upset me yesterday and made the whole evening dinner about them... ohhh I was kinda glad it was over when we left ! I had planned to go out for dinner but changed my plans at last minute for them.. we really shouldn't have...

Its hot and Humid here so uncomfortable and that's making me grumpier! I've had 2 days off and I am finally getting on top of somethings like sleep after working a 120hr fortnight... Dare I say I am looking forward to my 2 weeks sick leave hehehehe!

I did think that this will hopefully be my last fat birthday ! wow I so hope that is true!

My banding date is getting close.... 6 weeks on Friday !!! Last pre op visit Monday !

Hope you all have an awesome week xxx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally joined

Wow is there some information on there!!!

I may be there for the rest of the week reading!!!

K xx

Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting my band next month!

Wow what a week.... Holy Moly .... Deep breath...

Ive clocked about 64 hours at work this week and there is still one more working day in the week.

Thank god it's Friday!!! As the weekends are quieter even if I am on call! 4 births this week which is a lot for 1 week! So now I have 4 brand new babies to weigh and look after for the next 6 weeks. Still 3 more births for the month to happen! and then March starts!

On Wednesday I was at a birth for 17 hours and at one stage I thought... wow my job really isn't glamorous..... Haha if someone asked me what I did at work today... My answer would be... well I knelt by a birth pool for 5 hours... I then squatted on the floor for 3 hours... then I had my head in a woman's arm pit as she hung off me pushing... then I had my ear to the floor delivering a baby! then I cleaned up the mess.... but the lack of glamour is over powered by the overwhelming honour of delivering someones treasured baby... arhhh what a week!

On the band news.... 1 wk Monday till my last pre op appointment... woohooo... I must get my bloods done asap! Ive been a bit slack taking my metformin so my sugar cravings are back this week doh doh !!!

My surgery is next month wooohoooo... be it the end of the month but its still next month yay yay!!!!!

Happy Friday people xxxxx