Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scales on the move ....

Is my plateau over... maybe.. maybe not.... I have 4 more days left till official weigh in to really get them going !!!

SO the scales this morning are back down lowest that I've seen since being banded, I saw this weight on July 4th... and haven't seen it since.. I've bounced around like a ping pong all since this date!

Come on scales please be my friend... Ive done 2 intensive workouts Monday/Tuesday .. I had tonight off but will workout Thursday and Friday.. Ive been tracking calories on averaging about 1100cals at the moment.

I am so ready for movement on scales and new clothes!!

In annoying news.. my skin and hair are crappo at the moment, Skin is oily and I have acne !! what the!! my hair is freaking out.. loosing more then I think is normal and its super oily between washes... Will change shampoo this week thinking of moving to nioxin. Taking zinc and multi vit.. hmmm

ok so no photos totally chickened out... Sooon when I have a good one to compare it with


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Had a great weekend.. spent Friday night cooking a cupcake tower for a friends birthday party on Saturday. I didn't even eat one!! had to rely on the boy to taste test for me!! here's some pics!!

Sorry for the food porn.. this was the first time I'd done a cupcake tower even though I've made a million cupcakes before! and the first time I hadn't sampled any!!!

At the party it was mostly nibbles.. I got stuck twice and had to excuse my self to bring up some slime!!!! what the! my restriction just suddenly kicked in! So after not being able to get anything down all day we went out for a latish dinner at the pub were the party moved on to.. I ordered some fish grill with veggies... 1st mouthful chew chew chew... stuck.... excuse my self vomit.... back for more... thought I was managing had 4 mouthfuls slowly.... 15 Min's later slime stuck so stuck excuse my self vomit!!!

I was with the same group of people most of the day then night so I had to think what they thought so embarrassing! vomit vomit vomit!!!

So today has been easier... I always do better at home.. no damage done with the vomiting just a lesson or two in ordering and food choices !!!

So the hot summer meltdown challenge is almost done.. feeling a little flat that I've done so badly. I cant believe how far behind the unfill has put me! I am really looking forward to welcoming August! And we need a new challenge!!!

I found some pictures I am going to share next post... some scary scary pictures!!!

K xx

Friday, July 23, 2010

Band wisdom...

Just a quick update from me!

I had a fill last Tuesday.. My doctor confessed to me that he had actually taken 3cc/3mls at my unfill 2 weeks prior! Thank goodness I didn't know that! So The damage over the 2 weeks of basically no fill... 900grams (2lbs).. not a disaster but not fabulous either!

In hind sight going too fast with my fills has caused me to be behind in my weight loss by almost a whole month! So the moral of this is to not rush fills.. if you have a bad stuck episode get an unfill.. even though it feels like you are going backwards by having an unfill you are actually preventing yourself from stalling for a month or more!!! it took me 2 weeks to recover from being too tight for 2 weeks.. So that's my band wisdom for today!

Restriction is back.. the hunger has hung around a bit.. but I am coping...

K x

Saturday, July 17, 2010

cranky pants ..

So my band is still missing in action.. I really hope she is still in there...

I have been so bloated  this week... retaining fluids at any opportunity and feeling very cranky!!

I've never really suffered mood changes with PMT but the last 2 cycles Ive been so cranky and irritable ! I think my hormones are all over the place ! Is it possible to gain 2kg (4lbs) in the lead up to TTOTM. The thing is its starting 10days or so before TTOTM is even due.... 10 days of it... the scales are settling a little as its getting closer but still showing as a gain!!!

So thats my vent ..

On the upside I bought a new skirt from the "normal" section in target in a 18 and it fits perfectly ... this is the only thing I am hanging on to at the moment!

I am booked for a fill Tuesday and it cant come quick enough.. I am away at a professional development course Wednesday and will be on fluids so that will be interesting... and I am sure the wine will be flowing in the evening.. must stay away from the wine!!

Have had a very interesting week this week returning to work after almost 5 weeks off.. but I think thats another post !

K xx

Monday, July 12, 2010

Band Where are you ????

So since the unfill a week ago I have GAINED.....1kg (2lbish)...

What to do...

I can get anything down... sadly I know this as I've tried most things.. I am tracking calories and am having 1500cals a day, I signed up to and that has been helpful..I am hungry a lot...

I've had a really emotional few days.. I feel fat and bloated... I don't even feel like I have a band anymore.. Band WHERE are you!! I miss you a lot!

Did anyone else have a bump in the road, that they thought they would never get past ?

I am having a fill Next Tuesday so a whole week away.. I feel healed maybe I should ring and see if I could get in on Thursday...

Back to work tomorrow after almost 5 weeks off...Have spent the day getting ready, most importantly I had a eyebrow wax! Now I need to refocus and get on with the next 6 months of work and life!

Love ya all K xxxx

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Do you ever look at your SPANX and think " that looks like far to much work today"... is it just me or is Spanx hard work.... arhh well that was my day... Fought with my spanx suit for an hour then realised it was on back to front bahahahahah heres a hint its not the same back to front *cringes* heheheh

OK bed now

K xxxx

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back from the doc ...

So I've just gotten back from the Doc... It was a different doctor to who I normally see I explained my symptoms and he was a little surprised I'd lasted so long at home and hadn't come into hospital over the weekend.. I was in a bit of a state today.. I am just so sick of worrying about it and feeling so flat!

He said based on my symptoms he thinks my stomach lining is very puff and swallow..the raw sore throat he said indicated referred pain from swelling and the pain in my back is also referred pain. He said his guessing even though I only have 6cc/mls in there its more like having 8mls in there!!!

So he took out 2cc/2mls !!!!!!!! A whole 2!! I almost went into a defensive karate pose like a ninja when he came at me with the needle saying he was going to take 2cc's!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally understand his reasoning and he also talked about there being more risk of the band slipping if it remains too tight and all the other risks increase also...

He wants me on soft foods for another day. Ive got another appt in 2 weeks to see if I need a small fill but he said we would so very slowly...

So I now have 4cc/mls in my band..

Tonight for dinner, I had 1tsp of couscous, 2tsp of mushed veggies and 3tsp of mince... it went down perfectly.. no vomiting or slime for the first time in 2 weeks praise the universe!

Holding on to the good news that on his scales I have lost 2kg/4lbs in 2 weeks!


Monday, July 5, 2010

the unfill :(

So things really aren't any better on the band front ...

Not getting any solids down at all, had another stuck episode trying on Saturday after 4 full days of fluids...

Every night I have a odd cough, a raw sore throat and a stabbing pain between my should blades but slightly to the left/like a twinge..

water, Milo and protein shakes are all going down slowly and super thin soup..

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow of basically no solids, I am booked in at 2pm tomorrow to get an adjustment.

It's kinda silly, I've had to talk myself into going to get an unfill, I have this fear that by getting a unfill I will gain all the weight back.. I feel like its taking a step back. I don't think it is stepping back is it? The scales are sadly stuck which doesn't make sense with hardly any calories going in..

I bombed out in the Challenge this week lost only 500gram .. just on a pound! grr

Will let you know what the Doc has to say tomorrow xxx