Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Teen's.... teeny tiny teens yippeee

The new low on the scales this morning.... yippeee

Yesterday was 2 months since banding!!!

Some very interesting conversations have been had latly ... I will post more later!

K xx

Sunday, May 23, 2010

the scale this morning... yay
come on 100grams more and I'd be in the teens ....

at the moment I am loosing about 400grams a day.. I see my doc in 2 weeks so I guess we will see what he has to say!

Happy Monday xx
I miss eating today... Ill be honest about that...

Today charged with hormones and PMT grumpy at the world.. tired.. I just wanted to sit down with some left over potato bake and sulk... first mouthfuls of potato bake.. Pb.. second.. small burp and then Pb... third spoonful yep no way is this going to happen... off I went to cough up the rest and sulked some more.... hahaha ohh the irony...

today Ive had..

Banana Up & Go 175cals

2 penne pasta noddles with pesto, 1 bite of BBQ chicken breast ( at the BBQ)

2 mouthfuls of lemon cake (mums bday cake)

banana yogurt smoothie

and thats me done hmmm

I normally gain at least a kilo at (.) time so will be interested to see what the scale does tomorrow!

This week I lost 900g (1Lb9oz) since tuesday weighed in Friday


Saturday, May 22, 2010

So had the fill 4 days ago and have dropped 1kg since.. which is fabulous...

I have moments when I think I am too tight and then moments when I think its not so bad... Only fluids go down before midday Ive been having brekkie smoothies.. then with work and rushing around Ive been having up and gos if I need something and sometimes oatmeal... The smoothies take anywhere from 1hour to 90mins to get down and everything else about an hour....

I guess Ive just never had this type of restriction before... Hoping that I am not to tight Each day I am working hard to get 1L of water down which I am struggling a little bit with.

Tomorrow I am having a BBQ lunch here for my mums birthday.. Ive been making Lemon cake for her with lemon curd filling arhh it is devine.... lemon curd oh my oh my!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend xxx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oh thats what restriction is ...

or is it... I managed 3 spoonfulls of vegtable soup, about 20mls of apple juice and 4sips of hot tea over 2 hours.... hmmm everything went down so slowly with some pbing... is that right?? will it get any better?

Maybe this is what its ment to be like bing banded and what ive had before was not restriction! which leads me to my doctors visit today....

Well I knew I hadnt lost a lot this month but to be exsactly the same on the doctors scales today as I was 4 weeks ago.. was totally disheartening and a little core shaking ... what the hell!!!!

I have started the interval running 4 times a week I am way more active... I dont understand it! Did anyone else gain weight when they commenced exercising??? My doctor said its common for someone my size to gain 2kg in the first month of starting exercise as you have incresed blood volume to fule your muscels and also a little fluid and eventually muscel mass.. he said if I stopped I'd loose 2 kgs within a week! but not to do that!!!!! arhhhh is this true!

He also told me someone my size shouldnt be running as its too heavy a movement on the joints and knees.. hmmm I told him it was interval and he was then slightly convinced that it was ok !!!

It amazing how much all of this affected me tonight when I did my 30 min interval training... I wanted to give up half way... I struggled with the running counted down every second... talked myself into believing what he said I shouldnt be running.. hell I am not loosing weight why bother... wow I got myself in a state... then I got it together and went 5 mins longer then normal! arhhh

so what to make of it all ..... ummm I still have no idea... what to put in my mouth hmm I still have no idea! and on that note I think I'll go to bed !

K x

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fill me up please....

I need a fill... now now now now....
starving in the mornings and PBing lots as Ive forgotten how to eat and chew slowly grrrrr!!!!!!

So I am booked in tomorrow for another fill praise the fill!

In hindsight it all kind of makes sense as the numbers on the scale have been bouncing up and down then down a little bit ....then up this morning grrrrrr.. Ive started the couch 2 5k program so that's been great but I am eating more and wanting more! I am terrified of getting on the scales tomorrow at the doctors office!

In other news.. 3 weeks and 2 days until I am on annual leave!!! For 4 whole weeks yippee... . The count down is on! Can I drop some more kilos before I go! The heat is on! The resort I am staying at has a full gym with treadmills so I can keep up the running and a heated pool yahooo!

Just trying to organise travel insurance which has been a little harder then I thought! but should be sorted but the end of the week!

See you soon xxx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

running, stat update and the glucose revolution!

I just logged on to catch up on the blogs and was very sad to read the sadness that one of the women in our band community is going through... I am so sad for her ..

Thing are going well here.. I think I need another fill I am getting a little too much food down and having hunger pains often! I have been reading the glucose revolution and have been following that style of eating the last week. I bought some up and go Vivie and they have been very helpful. This morning I had oats for brekkie and yesterday I had a slice of soy Lin toast with Vegemite yummm...

I have almost completed week one of the couch to 5k running plan! Thanks to Jacquie for sharing it with me! Its totally amazing! I think I will actually be able to do it ! You can find the plan at I never thought I'd be a runner but I am starting to believe that maybe I could be ! I am at 268lbs/122kg at the moment and I can run! If I can anyone can! yesterday I shouted my self to some fancy running shoes! They made running so much easier last night! Love them!

So here's a stat update
Halved one of my Blood pressure tablets and exercising 4 times a week!

7 weeks post band placement....

I am fairly happy with that.. but I will be jumping for joy if I can do that again in the next 7 weeks!!!

K xxx

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I can run...

So all week I've been trying to increase my exercise.. Ive walked on the treadmill,done some low impact aerobics and weights and toning exercises as well. Today I worked in the morning then came home and did 2 hours in the garden weeding and planting some veggies...

Even after all of that I still had energy so I thought I'd get on the treadmill. I actually did intervals of running and walking for 10 mins... I know doesn't sound like much but for me this is amazing!! Running makes me feel so powerful .. I love it ! I want to be able to run non stop .. I am guessing the way to do this is increase the time each week???

We have a massive fun run here at the end of the year.. I wonder could I ?

Feeling like I am back in the game

K xx

Thursday, May 6, 2010

might seem small but so over the moon !!

So I saw my renal doctor yesterday.. He was very impressed with my weight loss! My kidney function has improved slightly and I now have a sitting bp of 120/70! This is a huge thing for me I am normally 150/95 and on 2 different tablets! He also did the blood pressure standing and laying down! He thinks I have postural hypotension meaning my BP drops when I stand! YAHOOOOOOO this is exciting as its a clear sign that I need to reduce the meds!!! so he has halved one tablet but believes that I will be off it in 3 months if I keep loosing! Then the other tablet can start to be reduced! I walked out of there feeling like I'd won the lottery!

Happy Friday all xxx