Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tears Tears Tears .... I so emotional.. I dont want anything to change

Now I have stabbing pain between my shoulder blades it's so sore...

Full of what if's ....

Hoping I am only too tight and nothing else...

Cant sleep hmmphhh !

Needing band advice....

I think something is up with my band!

I had a fill on the 22nd of June which bought me to a total of 6cc in my band, my Doctor said that 6cc is "average" for most people to have in their bands.

I did 24hours of fluids shakes and soups no problem.. I had in the mean time been fighting a cold/flu with sore throat and mucous cough which peaked over Thursday/Friday/Saturday lots of snot (gross sorry).

Thursday tried some veggie soup, small bit of diced chicken and 1tsp of mash potato, did not go down at all stuck on the first mouthful, vomited slime and then chicken.

Friday night we went and caught up with some friends I managed to get down 2 pieces of crispy base margarita pizza down very slowly no problems!

Sunday fluids for brekkie all ok... brunch scrambled eggs one small mouthful stuck.. another hours of vomiting slime and then finally unstuck the egg grrrrrr..

So since Sundays effort I have been having soup for dinner no probs..

but on Monday night I had chest pain intermittent worse when I was sitting up better when I was laying flat, then some reflux..shoulder tip pain lots of coughing with this stupid cold hanging on!

Last night Tuesday Made Thai stir fry chicken and veggies and rice.. Attempted just some chicken and veggies.... The worse Slime vomit ever so bad in was involuntary ... felt terrible..

Over night had some shoulder tip pain and tight chest... its better with a change of position.

I guess I am just terrified that something more serious is going on ...

Has anyone had the same?

Does cold and flu make a difference?

How long would it take after a stuck incident for any swelling to go down?

Help anyone what should I do? I am so greatful in advance xx

K xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

3 months banded .....with some pictures...

So 3 months have past since I was banded... I cant believe it's gone so quickly !!

Starting weight 136kg (299lbs)

I weighed in on my 3 month anniversary at 115.7kg (254lbs) I almost fell off the scale!

Total loss 20.3kg (44lbs)

Ive got 6cc in my band, had my most recent fill last Tuesday.

The NSV List

* I can run.. I do interval running 4 times a week.. sure I can only run for 3 mins at a time but I CAN run.. in the last 6 weeks of running I've felt my fitness improve my shape is changing quickly. I can go faster and last longer I love running!

* I have gone from a size 24 to a size 18

* I can buy some clothing from normal clothing lines!!!

* I own knee high boots!

* I bought my 1st ever pair of leggings and a knit dress

* My energy levels are double

* one of my blood pressure tablets has been halved

There are so many positives that have come from the last 3 months I feel so blessed!

So over the weekend I flicked through some pictures... what I found was quite shocking! I thought I'd post a few on here.. I am terrified about being found by someone I know hmmm what are the odds!

I am off to see Eclipse on Thursday in Gold class I am so excited, I have a new outfit I promise to take a photo!

Lastly I just wanted you all to know how blessed I feel to have found you all in blog land, thank you all for your supportive comments xxx

Hard to tell any difference but I feel different that's for sure!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I chickened out!!!

I couldn't go through with wearing my boot!!

I put my outfit on leggings, knit dress, scarf and boots walked around the house for 20 mins... felt OK.. then caught my reflection in the mirror as I entered my bedroom to put some perfume on... cringe...

It wasn't that I didn't like what I saw .... It was more that it was so new.. like nothing Ive worn before.. I looked totally different... not frumpy not boring but stylish... well dressed... my age.. I felt very emotional about it all...

So I did leave my boots on but pulled on some boot leg jeans and changed my top to a knit jumper.... yep back to the old me...

Self sabotage.... total lack of confidence... or should I have not been wearing it anyway ! arhhhhhh

In great news a new low on the scale today... totally surprised by how low.. slightly overwhelmed by how low... deep breath...

I also wanted to share this with you a song that's on my work out play list it really talks to me at the moment. By an Australian artist Missy Higgins an amazing talented woman! Enjoy

K xxxx

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The heat is on.....3 months banded....

So Saturday will be 3 months since I was banded! woot woot...

will keep you posted....

Tomorrow I am off to Disney on ice with my adorable 2yo nephew.. it will be my boots first outing I have a whole new outfit.... I am totally nervous about wearing the outfit and the boots.. I hope I can go through with it!

K xx

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boots .....

After longing for boots for years and years..... I finally am the owner of some knee high boots!!! Ive lost over 2 inches on each calf and can finally fit them!

It's a massive mile stone for me.. happy dance!!!

Got a fill today as well, I lost 1.5kg (3lbs)in 2 weeks since seeing him on his scales yay!!! I now have 6cc in a 10cc band...

Back in the groove with my treadmill.... last nights session burnt 670cals according to my Polar HR monitor! I love my treadmill!!

Still 2.5weeks of annual leave left.. loving the slow mornings.. sleep in's... late brekkies...

K xxx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Home sweet home....

I arrived home yesterday from New Zealand.. I had a good time but I sadly missed my treadmill so much.. my scales and my magic bullet blender!!! I tried to use the gym at the resort but it wasn't the same. I think I've been so focused and in a routine with food and exercise since banding that I really struggled whilst we were away. I guess it didn't help that I was  visiting family so I had to try to cover up my eating or lack of it.

I had 3 stuck episodes... One at a Thai restaurant ... one on some chicken take away and one at the airport just before boarding our flight back to OZ... So much slimming!! ewww I have put them all down to trying to keep up with the people I was eating with.. Its odd how without knowing it you mimic the speed they are eating. On a few occasions I'd say I wasn't hungry then when our visitors left I'd heat it up and eat it no problems..

The scale was rather nice to me when I got up this morning...I was down 800grams or 1lb 7oz... I was fairly happy with that as I may have had more chocolate and ice cream then I should have!!

Looking forward to getting into the Hot summer Meltdown Challenge..

Missed all of your blogs and I promise to catch up over the weekend!

K xxx

Friday, June 4, 2010

Run run run.... NSV.. and a new low on the scale..

I love Couch to 5k running program !!!

For anyone whos thinking of starting to exercise I cant recommend this program enough! Some times I have to power walk through the running stage but I can still keep my heart rate in the zone! I am also loving my tredmill in our sunroom and I am loving my polar heart rate monitor as it tells me exsactly when I am in the zone for fat burning and how many calories Ive burnt at the end of the session!!! Id be lost with out my tredmill and my polar HRM !!!

So today the scale was nice to me ...  yahooo a new low ! Ive now lost 17kg or 37lbs.... yahooo so excited. It so nice when people start to notice that has been happening a lot latly...its kinda embarassing but also makes me feel proud!

Ive had a few NSV this week..

My scrubs at work are super baggy heheh... I am ready to move down a size yay

I ran for 3 mins on the tredmill

My "dream jeans" fit like a glove  dickies girl jeans from torrid !!! I wore them today to see SATC 2 with my sister

I was in a department store Myer on Wednesday and they had Pj's discounted to $10 down from $30... They were "normal sizes"... Ive always had to shop in the plus size department! So I bought a XL thinking maybe it will be a few months before I can get into them... well well well... they fit perfect... infact a tad baggy ... Such a massive NSV...

So now that my dream jeans fit .... what will be my next dream out fit! Need to go through my closet this weekend ...

K xxx

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

vacations, fad diets and what to eat!

So the count down is on 7 days till I am off call for 4 whole weeks!!!  really looking forward to the break! The last few days have been busy at work, I worked all weekend had lots of births.... really hoping tonight is quite I am rather tired...

So the whole what to eat thing is my major issue at the moment...

4 years ago I did a meal replacement diet and lost a lot of weight over 6 months... about 26kg/56lbs I was starving 90% of the time but I was loosing weight.. So my weight loss has slowed slightly and its proberly not as fast as it was when I was doing meal replacement.. I just feel like thats not why I got the band! I dont want to be on these quick loss diets...hmmmmmmm I tried to explain that the band is design so I can eat a normal diet just less and make better choices....

but back to what to eat....Ive spent quite a lot of time PBing and feeling stuck or like things wont go down... tonight I tried scrambled eggs which normally go down fine but no go... last night I had one mouthful of potato and really pissed off my band.. I was retching for 30mins and feeling raw...

today ive had

0500 upandgo milk

0900 super nutrients smoothie with yogurt

1230 musle bar

1530small light chocolate milk

(1900 attempted eggs no go at all)

2000 100cal mousse

2100 milo

so looking back ive had lots of liquid calories.. all low cal low fat... but I wonder if I am too tight or have I just annoyed my band and she is angry with me! Works been so busy and I really cant eat solid food when I am rushing between clients I just get stuck.

I might ring the doctors office tomorrow and see where I can get some advice ...

Looking forward to the Challenge starting sunday!

K xx