Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today we had lunch some lovely friends. I decided on the spare of the moment to tell them about my decision to get the LAP band. Ive only told my parents and sister so far... It was a massive step to actually say it out loud. They asked why and I told them a few of the reasons of course there are so many reasons but difficult to go into them all!

I know that the decision to get the LAP band wont be taken so well by everyone but I am really not fazed by it! I am making a positive step to changing my life and getting healthy!

I just want March to be here now!! Not to wish my life away I just want to start working towards it now !

I've found so many inspiring blogs on here!!! I am having a great time reading everyones stories!



Lynn said...

Yay I'm the first follower!!! :)

I STILL have not told anyone other than my immediate family and of course my husband. I've decided that I don't need any extra pressure, I place enough on myself as it is!

Good luck with your surgery, I am looking forward to following your journey.

The Secret diaries of .... said...

Yay how exciting thanks for following!

Very true about the extra pressure! I think I am going to have to decided who I am going to tell ....

K x

The Dash! said...

Hey there,
Cool, another Aussie - we are a little far and few between. Where in Oz are you? I'm Perth side.

How exciting that you are being banded in March - its wonderful when we get told that date!!

I also haven't told too many people - hubby, kids, a few select friends, that's it. It's a really personal thing and just do what you feel is best. Only way to be - in regards to the whole journey.

Look forward to reading more posts.

Catherine55 said...

Exciting about your decision! Thanks for posting on my blog, and I look forward to hearing all about your progress! :)