Friday, September 17, 2010

a fill and a new low!

I had a tiny tiny fill on Tuesday.. I almost didn't get a fill but I have had a little hunger the last week! .25cc went in taking me to 5.75cc... so 6cc is where i got into trouble in June with a horrible too tight episode that set me back for over a month! Since Tuesday I have been taking it very ease... soft foods and fluids! I can certainly hear fluid gurgling down there! and have had a few episodes of slim. I am also finding that I need less food to feel satisfied.

So life is crazy busy I have the weekend off which is so awesome! Next weekend marks 6 months since banding... I have often said I will post pics of myself but have often chickened out!! but I have been searching for a before pic and planning on taking a current pic so by next weekend I will be ready to post!

500grams more and I will have lost 25kg in 6 months .... can I do it!!!

Love to ya all

Mwah K xxx


tessierose said...

Congrats, you're doing great!

Jacquie said...

I lost a whole month also with my fill/unfill saga so I feel your pain. I had 1cc taken out of my band on 8/11 and on 8/25 .5 was put back in and than yesterday I had the other .5 put back in. I am 10 lbs lighter now than back in Aug so the doc doesn't think I will have that level of tightness now because my stomach is smaller with the weight loss. Time will tell. I am definitely feeling some restriction which is great!