Sunday, May 23, 2010

I miss eating today... Ill be honest about that...

Today charged with hormones and PMT grumpy at the world.. tired.. I just wanted to sit down with some left over potato bake and sulk... first mouthfuls of potato bake.. Pb.. second.. small burp and then Pb... third spoonful yep no way is this going to happen... off I went to cough up the rest and sulked some more.... hahaha ohh the irony...

today Ive had..

Banana Up & Go 175cals

2 penne pasta noddles with pesto, 1 bite of BBQ chicken breast ( at the BBQ)

2 mouthfuls of lemon cake (mums bday cake)

banana yogurt smoothie

and thats me done hmmm

I normally gain at least a kilo at (.) time so will be interested to see what the scale does tomorrow!

This week I lost 900g (1Lb9oz) since tuesday weighed in Friday



workinprogress said...

sooo close to the teens :-)

Girl Bandit said...

I so feel your stucks...phsprry

Josie said...

I had my second fill today taking me up to 4 mls.. What do you have as we are within a week of eachother.. I have lost 10 kilos.. starting at 98 now 88!! yippee!!