Thursday, February 17, 2011

First post for 2011

So I have been missing in blog land for many months now, I have kept reading all of your blogs everyday, they have been very inspiring.

I became very aware that people I know well were reading this blog... that threw me for a six.. I wasn't sure how to respond and if I could keep blogging. Anyway here I am and I've decided it is what it is and I am accepting that people I 'know' may be reading this.

So 2011 has been a interesting one so far....

In band news I have continued to be stalled on the scales on the up side my fitness has improved and I am now running 5-6k's on the road without stopping!! I almost cried the first time I did it.. wow it was an amazing high!!!

I have so much more to tell you! But I mostly just wanted to say I am back .. I am here.. I am still reading your blogs and I will be posting more often from now.


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