Sunday, July 17, 2011

A long time gone... but often checking in...

So I haven't blogged since March, I often check in to see what happening and how you all are!

I want to start by saying that I am in awe of all of you that blog often and have been so totally honest and open about your journeys! I admire your journeys and am thankful for the inspiration they give me. So thank you xxxxxx

I've just read Catherine's posts, My Backup Plan for A$$-Kicking Continuity ... You never cease to inspire me Catherine I am so in awe.. Your post got me thinking, whats my backup plan and is it time to enforce it.

So the truth about where I am at.... I am stuck on the scales, confused what to eat.. struggling with being too tight then too loose... up and down pbing a lot.... and since I getting back from a Holiday in the states I have a sugar addiction that I cant kick!!!!!

So after spending May/June in America road tripping across Tennessee and shopping in LA soaking up the heat, I am back to Australia where it is freezing and raining all the time. So I guess I am in a bit of a winter post Holiday slump. Work is mental and I am tired all the time. I've been making bad food choice and relying on sugar for quick energy. I did some running whilst overseas but no where near enough. I gained 3kg/6lb whilst overseas and have been home for 4 weeks and have not been able to shift any of it !!!!!

So wise blog women... I need your advice, suggestions ... HELP!
I have had thoughts about going back to liquids only, counting calories, low carb
maybe weight watchers????
there is no doubt I need an exercise intervention, restarting is the hardest thing...

Very happy to be back blogging and looking forward to re connecting with you all

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Bec said...

That would of been an awesome holiday. I find I am often stuck on the scales for months at a time. Then it will drop a bit.My only advice is to get a little bit of exercise in. I have gone down the WW track, but i found it hard this time having a band. I don't know why, but that might help you. I'm stuck at the moment too so I'm not really of much help lol. Some ladies are at goal and doing so well. They have strict diets and determination that I don't know I will ever have. I envy them. Best of luck.