Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Slight pause to digest all the info !

So my sleeve op is now 7 weeks away !!! 

So I have come across a blog post from surgeon that has taken some recent data and done his own summary about what it all means. My take on this article is that he is suggesting that Lap band & Gastric bypass are much better in terms of safety and outcome. Reading this so close to my op has certainly sent me into a bit of a spin and I am on the hunt for more info. Whilst it will not change my plans I just want all the information.
I think I am having a reality check, just digesting what's actually going to happen and maybe a mini freak out! I still have this sense of what if it doesn't work? I feel so shattered that the lap band didn't work for me. The lap band failure was like this massive fall from success and for me everyone saw it ! I think I am still getting over that! 

The only way is forward!

Is it normal to feel so emotional about the whole thing? The feelings are so layered excitiment, anticipation, fear with a dash of overwhelmed. And maybe a tiny bit of wow this maybe work!

Heading out to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine xxxx

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