Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Days !!!!

Two Sleeps until my sleeve op.....

 I have been trying to fit a lot in before my sleeve and work has been off the scale busy 70+ hour week for me last week. I have done 10days straight! Tomorrow at 8am I am finally finished work just in time to do some last minute things before sleeve day !!!

Tonight I planted veggies and weeded the garden because I don't think I'll be able to beds down to the plots for a little while.

I had my last appointment today, consents signed, times set, final instructions from the Doc.. oh and a weigh in.. dismal have not lost a gram since I saw him a few weeks ago. Massive anxiety but also a huge reality check the sleeve is the right choice for me.

So apart from having lots of anxiety about dying on the table, waking up in the middle of the OP and that horrid moment they wake you up and you feel like you have been hit by a bus in recovery I am pretty calm !!! Can you tell !!!

So have talked myself off the ledge a few times this week and today the doc really put it into perspective and normalised my fear and anxiety kinda.....

So discussions when I get there on Thursday will be Pre med and Post Med related I want lots of both please!!!

So one of the last things on my list is before photos and measurements!

 Apparently I am going to be in 3 nights, i think I may go mad in there. Ill have my ipad so will be sure to update you all.

Fearless .... My word for 2012 .... Feel the Fear and do it anyway !


I have been watching the footage on TV of NYC and the destruction that Sandy has caused! I am thinking all of you in NY and your families and hope you are all safe. I can't imagine what it would be like to be there now. I love NYC this is so sad. much love to you all xox 


Lynda said...

I've got you on my calendar. So excited for you!

FK said...

Thanks so much I will see you all on the flip side of the GA with a sleeve wowzers !!!!!

Lynda said...

Not too sure about the time difference between US and AUS. I'm guessing you've had your surgery and are probably in recovery right now. Welcome to the other side!!!