Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting my band next month!

Wow what a week.... Holy Moly .... Deep breath...

Ive clocked about 64 hours at work this week and there is still one more working day in the week.

Thank god it's Friday!!! As the weekends are quieter even if I am on call! 4 births this week which is a lot for 1 week! So now I have 4 brand new babies to weigh and look after for the next 6 weeks. Still 3 more births for the month to happen! and then March starts!

On Wednesday I was at a birth for 17 hours and at one stage I thought... wow my job really isn't glamorous..... Haha if someone asked me what I did at work today... My answer would be... well I knelt by a birth pool for 5 hours... I then squatted on the floor for 3 hours... then I had my head in a woman's arm pit as she hung off me pushing... then I had my ear to the floor delivering a baby! then I cleaned up the mess.... but the lack of glamour is over powered by the overwhelming honour of delivering someones treasured baby... arhhh what a week!

On the band news.... 1 wk Monday till my last pre op appointment... woohooo... I must get my bloods done asap! Ive been a bit slack taking my metformin so my sugar cravings are back this week doh doh !!!

My surgery is next month wooohoooo... be it the end of the month but its still next month yay yay!!!!!

Happy Friday people xxxxx

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THE DASH! said...

Far out! And I thought my week was busy - yours sounds ten times worse. I'm so impressed that you are a midwife.. just amazing!! New life must be incredible to see. Hope this week slows for you a little. Don't want burnout :)