Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still counting down the days.... 37 to go till lap band day!!! Feeling like I am in some kind of odd limbo... Do I start the liquid diet now.. do I wait till my doctors ask me too... Do I enjoy the foods now that I know will be off the menu as soon as I have the band... It's a very odd feeling... What Ive come up with is eating as balanced as I can.. cutting down on carbs. Its such a difficult place to be in arhhhh!

So yesterday whilst out shopping I found the new book by Susan Hepburn Hypno Diet... when I got home I had this horrible feeling of wow I've been conned again!! but anyway I will read it maybe it will give some insight about the mental/emotional aspects of this journey! Ill certainly let you know what the verdict is !

K xx


Ashli said...

I really don't think it's necessary to start your liquid diet 37 days pre-op. If your is as strict as mine, thats not healthy. I say enjoy your favorite foods, that's what most people do and everything turns out just fine.

THE DASH! said...

Well, first up.. yay for only 37 days - lets hope it flies by for you.
I'm not sure how overweight you are but I needed to lose 40 kilos before I started and I was on my pre-op diet for three weeks before.. so about 21 days (I think my doc is just extra cautious though).. the general consensus here in Oz though seems to be about 2 weeks before - maybe your doc will tell you more about it closer to the op.
You haven't been conned.. really you haven't.. though picking up a book on 'dieting' or anything to do with it must feel so. Once you have this band you will never need to do 'dieting' again. You will though need to make the best possible food choices you can but one thing I found is once you are unable to eat vast amounts of foods at one sitting, you suddenly become more conscious of putting good foods in your stomach. It does seem to get easier but as for dieting per se.. nope. Never again!!! :)

The Secret diaries of .... said...

ohhh typo!!!Its actually 26days to surgrey holy moly!!!!! I see the doctor for the last time tomorrow!!! Thanks for the comments ladies xxx

fiona said...

I was told to start my pre op diet when I got a date for the op so I did. Then I got a letter saying my pre op diet starts on the 4th of March so it was back to eating for me! But i have eaten so much fattening food this weekend I will have to start tomorrow so I can lose a couple of pounds before the 4th.
Starting the diet really made me feel this is real and I did start to panick a bit. But I am so excited to have this done and worried that my liver wont be small enough at the same time.

If I was you I would wait to start your diet until you are advised to by the doctors, just dont go wild before hand.

Best of luck to you. I enjoy your blogg! I too have bags of clothes labelled by weight. ;-)

workinprogress said...

Hi - Just noticed you on 'Ramblings from the other side'.

I'm another fellow Aussie who is newly banded.

Good luck with your op - and by the way I wouldn't start your pre-op diet until you absolutely have to! My doctor required 2 weeks and it was a very strict Optifast diet with only a small amount of low carb veggies along with the shakes.

I'm sure you'll do great :-)

workinprogress said...

woops - forgot to say that I will show up as Nerolid on your follower list :-)