Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sticking to the plan!!!!

So its been a big weekend of thinking and trying to work out what to do in regards to my brother telling me that his wedding will be on March 27th !!!!

Who plans a wedding in 6 weeks and gives their interstate guests 6wks notice!!!!! grrrrrrr

Anyway after talking to my family and then my brother! I have decided that I wont be going to the wedding. I was so torn for a few days, but I feel I need to honour my commitment to the band and changing my life.

I truly believe that is my brother really wanted all his family there he would have given us all at least 2 months notice. I ended up telling him about my surgery plans and he said he really didn't want me to change it ! so that's sorted I wont be going ! I am relieved but still a tad sad...

So I was meant to have my final appt with my surgeon Monday just gone... I went to get my bloods down the morning of the appointment then after reading what tests they had ordered realised that they were meant to be fasting!!!!! So I had to move my appointment till March 1st! So that will be 3 wks out from my surgery!

Getting ready for a massive week with 3 12hour shifts over the next 2 days ......

Have a fab week peoples K xxxx

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