Tuesday, August 3, 2010

moving forward...

So for the last week I've been sporting what I will call baggy bum syndrome... my work pants are the issue.. I don't wear a uniform so have to keep a working wardrobe happening all year round... So I am down to 3 pairs of work pant.. all of which are baggy particularly in the bum... its starting to look a little ridiculous!

So today I went to find some in a smaller size! All the current ones are a size 18! So I got some size 16's black pants.. and they are fairly tight... hmm but the 18's same brand same style are way too big..

What is the deal.. going from a 18-16 AU is proving to be difficult! There really needs to be a in between size !! Does anyone have this issue???

Well I am hoping I move down quickly to 14-16's so this wont be a issue for much longer!!

I did purchase a gorgeous skirt on clearance in a 16 that's not going to fit for a while but it gives me something to aspire too..

Last night I was doing some day dreaming... imagining what it would be like to be close to goal.. Its 9months till our America trip .. I have my sights set on being very close to goal by then..

I've been crunching numbers trying to set a realistic goal .. in doing so I worked out I've already lost 1/3 of the weight I need to loose..

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THE DASH! said...

A third of your weight gone already is unreal!! So well done - and you're off to America? So jealous - youre going to have such fun.