Saturday, August 7, 2010

NSV will have to do since the scale isnt moving...

So massive non scale victory for me this week.. I have graced my treadmill with my presence FIVE times this week!!! I have been doing the c25k program still but mixing it up in terms of weeks.. So five 30 min interval training sessions on the treadmill followed but circuits... alternating strength and free weights exercises everyday after my interval training... FIVE times that has be be a record!!!!

So this ponderings are ...

Can a polar heart rate monitor lie...?????

Mines set up correctly.. weight height ect... for example last night I did interval training for 30 mins and 20 mins of standing and floor strengthening exercises.. lots and lots of squats arhhh!!! So at the end my Polar HR monitor tells me I burnt 770cals... REALLY!!!!! I sweated a whole lot... huffed and puffed a heap.. but 770cals!! All week I've burnt similar between 500-800cals per session....

Can salt and protein drink make you gain over night ???
This week I've been quite busy so have resorted to protein drinks for lunch .. they have abour 14grams of protein in them.... So with all of the above exercise my weight has been up and down all week! and today is 2 pounds above my official weight on last week what the!!!! with weigh in tomorrow I am terrified that I will gain !

In another non scales victory.. My size 18AU jeans were in the wash yesterday so I put on my same style size 16AU and THEY FIT ... hahaha .. I feel fabulous wearing them!!!

I am still on the trail of 5kg ( 9lbs) for August.... Ill just keep on believing!!!

Trust ... Believe.... Create .... Succeed

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Allan said...

In the US, muscle you put on weighs twice as much as the fat you lose. I am pretty sure that works the same way where you live !!! Health is not always measured on the scale..