Wednesday, October 20, 2010

changing the way I do business...

So I am feeling like I've reached the end of phase 1 of the band process!

I am now at the lowest weight that I have been able to achieve with every other type of weight loss attempt since 2005.
I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and it was decided that I should have a small unfill .2ml. This month I have PB'ed everyday sometimes more then once.. I've used sliders to get through the day lots of up and go and banana smoothies. I haven't been able to eat fruit, salad or some veggies. My weight loss this month has been half of what it was the month before. My surgeon believes I've lost the easy weight and now have to work harder for the next stage.

So deep breath... Phase 2 has commenced..

1200cals a day veggies, protein, fruit
3 meals a day
2L of water
Exercise 4 times a week

I'd be really interested in what other people are eating and how much.. Need to refocus and smash through this mental hurdle..

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The Babbling Bandit said...

Hey Katherine. I hope you are more comfortable now after your unfill. Re what food I've been eating, I've pretty much been eating what I can. After my first fill last week I've struggled with solids so I've been having soup and a lot of yogurt. I'm not counting calories yet. At this stage I'm just trying to eat small healthy serves but not be too regimental with it. I'm really trying to treat this whole thing as a "lifestyle change" not a diet. V.