Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Loving "fatty gets a stylist"

Yes I know odd name for a band... they are really actually called "Fatty Gets a Stylist" and their new song is The Tiger Inside Love love love it!!! here's a link

So in other news hmmmm

I've been off sick for the last 3 day again tonsillitis nasty nasty!!! Have spent some time just being very quite apart from listening to Fatty gets a stylist. I am feeling very emotionally overwhelmed.

The changes to my body have caught up with me I look in the mirror and think wow who are you ? I find my self patting down my stomach and hips, I find it hard to believe that is my stomach and that its actually loose skin there as well as fat but much less fat then before..

Yesterday I was laying on my side in bed and I had the strange sensation between my knees... so I had a look and feel... um theres no fat there anymore to cushion the bones when they are laying together !!! crazy hey I've NEVER felt that before!!

The scale does not want to move its just bouncing around... I had a crazy wanting to go on a crash diet moment last night... WTF...the voice of reason kicked in... "it's only been 2 weeks since it hasn't moved down and you have been sick for 10 days of that and haven't been able to work out.. also the unfill only happened a week ago". Thank you voice of reason..

I am thinking of having a dramatic haircut on Friday... Short like this ...

I had my long hair cut 5 weeks ago from half way down my back to about 4 inches under my shoulders and its not working... not long enough to do anything with and too long to leave down so I end up with it pulled back everyday.. I have had hair extensions before theres something about long hair.. its like a secret club.. maybe I like to hide behind it... Not sure if my face will look fatter with short hair.. I need to do something!

My food goals at the moment are fresh nourishing food.. plenty of fresh veggies and lean meats.. Food to help me heal and nourish my body.. Trying to avoid chocolate I seem to have had a bad KitKat craving lately bad bad...

K xxx

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Dinnerland said...

A nice fresh haircut can do you wonders!!