Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Davnce!!

So today I finally got some time to go clothes shopping!!! I went to a plus size store that I have shopped at for years.. Last time I shopped there I was buying size 20-22.. So today, I took a top into the change room in 3 sizes as I had no idea where to start I took sizes 20,18 & 16. Well I tried on all three sizes each time the top was too big... so I had to get the sales assistant to get me the size 14 the smallest size they do at this store AND it fitted I yelped loudly arhhhh excitement!!!

I also tried on some pants for summer 3/4 style.. after trying on meaning styles and sizes it became clear that the smallest size 16 they do in pants was too big in all styles!!! Now this is amazing and such a mile stone but also so scary, now I have to find somewhere else to shop!

After what has been one of the most challenging weeks at work, today on my day off I shopped for clothes, got an eyebrow wax, touched up my hair colour and got a pedicure, I now feel ready to face the world again!

More on the week that was next time...

K xx


amandakiska said...

Yeah for normal stores!

Sam said...


The Babbling Bandit said...

Yay! That is so great. You're in normal clothes shops now. That is a massive milestone! Well done.