Saturday, September 17, 2011

Keeping the faith

Day 5 keeping the faith ...

My restriction has well and truly kicked in, Friday I had a" nothing is going down  today" day! I had a mouthful of stewed apple late Thursday night so I could take some pain medication. That clearly wasn't a good idea as I then had to vomit it up at 11am the next morning so I could get some water down! Very strange is was there above band for over 12 hours! After that I just had fluids as I didn't want to upset the band anymore!

I am back to weighing everyday I know there is such a shift in fluid daily and that this reflects on the scale that but it helps me get an idea about what is happening and to some extent what is actual and what is water. I think I am on the way down now. 10 days till I have to see my doctor again to see if I am back on track..

It's a gorgeous day here in Australia the sun is shining blue skies, its a warm 30 (86) degrees and the smell of spring is in the air, our veggie garden is starting to really take off and the spring flowers are in full bloom.

It's a lovely day in the neighbourhood


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Sam said...

Watch that restriction, you don't want to over do it :o)

Isn't this Spring weather great!! I am loving the sunny days, it does make going to work a little hard, I hate being stuck in the office :p