Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Open for business.....

Does anyone  ever feel like your band has open for eating times and closed for eating times!
So the last 3 days this is how my band rolls..

545am when I wake anything more then a sip of water bounces back up..

630am 1st cup of tea approx 1/4 takes approx 1 hour to get down

800am Venti latte ( ended up taking till 3pm to drink 3/4 of it, it became an iced latte)

3pm 1/2 a small bran and raisin cookie very bouncy but got it down

5pm 1/2 cup of tea took an hour

630pm Thai soup blended ( bounced straight back up ) pb'ed all of it!

830pm 1/4 cup rice 2 small bits of green curry chicken, hot chocolate, 500mls of  water and small nonfat yogurt. All down perfectly in fact could have kept eating but felt full.

950pm  the other half of the bran raisin cookie ...No go!!!! pb'ed band now closed for business!

so it seems I have a window of approx 1.5hours a day to eat?  Which I guess is OK but today at work I did feel like I needed more water slightly light headed... hmm what to do if we take some out I am starving and can eat everything but this is a little too tight maybe??? 6 days till I see the doctor and I am not even sure the scale is moving!!!

Any advice?? Does anyone else have this happen to them?? Advice greatly appreciated.

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Michelle said...

I am going through that right now. If I am going to get any fluids in then I have to do it before 8 pm. In the am wait until 10 am.. But at this stage I just had revision surgery and a hernia repair. I would suggest just a small unfil but maybe it will get better by the time you see your dr.