Thursday, March 4, 2010

The cold hard truth

So today I started the process of updating my Passport.. I had to get one of those unattractive passport photos. Well once it was done and handed over to me I was shocked and perhaps speechless about the cold hard truth before me.. My face.. double maybe triple chin.. puffy cheeks and no definition no cheek bones, my neck so thick and chunky I felt sick... wow so disgusted !

I am ready body.. I am ready to help you get out of this state your in and I am so sorry I've take so long to help you work and move better....

So tomorrow 830am is my last pre op appt and I hopefully will have my preop diet instructions as I am so ready for the next part!

Feeling kinda flat today, frustrated and so ready for change... Still cant bring my self to post any pictures of my before state!! Maybe the eve of surgery will be when I am ready!

K xxx

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