Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scales on the move ....

Is my plateau over... maybe.. maybe not.... I have 4 more days left till official weigh in to really get them going !!!

SO the scales this morning are back down lowest that I've seen since being banded, I saw this weight on July 4th... and haven't seen it since.. I've bounced around like a ping pong all since this date!

Come on scales please be my friend... Ive done 2 intensive workouts Monday/Tuesday .. I had tonight off but will workout Thursday and Friday.. Ive been tracking calories on averaging about 1100cals at the moment.

I am so ready for movement on scales and new clothes!!

In annoying news.. my skin and hair are crappo at the moment, Skin is oily and I have acne !! what the!! my hair is freaking out.. loosing more then I think is normal and its super oily between washes... Will change shampoo this week thinking of moving to nioxin. Taking zinc and multi vit.. hmmm

ok so no photos totally chickened out... Sooon when I have a good one to compare it with



Amester said...

Hi Katherine,
I am a new blogger and just 1 week and 1 day out from being banded. I am so grateful to be able to read other recent and not-so-recent blogs about being banded. Thanks for letting me see a little bit of your life.

Take a look at my blog at:

Amy :-)

Seeing in colour said...

sounds like your doing super well!


Yay to future new fun clothes!

Kerri said...

I hope the scale cooperates!!!