Friday, June 18, 2010

Home sweet home....

I arrived home yesterday from New Zealand.. I had a good time but I sadly missed my treadmill so much.. my scales and my magic bullet blender!!! I tried to use the gym at the resort but it wasn't the same. I think I've been so focused and in a routine with food and exercise since banding that I really struggled whilst we were away. I guess it didn't help that I was  visiting family so I had to try to cover up my eating or lack of it.

I had 3 stuck episodes... One at a Thai restaurant ... one on some chicken take away and one at the airport just before boarding our flight back to OZ... So much slimming!! ewww I have put them all down to trying to keep up with the people I was eating with.. Its odd how without knowing it you mimic the speed they are eating. On a few occasions I'd say I wasn't hungry then when our visitors left I'd heat it up and eat it no problems..

The scale was rather nice to me when I got up this morning...I was down 800grams or 1lb 7oz... I was fairly happy with that as I may have had more chocolate and ice cream then I should have!!

Looking forward to getting into the Hot summer Meltdown Challenge..

Missed all of your blogs and I promise to catch up over the weekend!

K xxx


Jacquie said...

Welcome home! We missed you too.

THE DASH! said...

Welcome back! And sliming is ZERO fun - especially when out at a restaurant. Been there, done that.. eek!

Fiona said...

Well done for coming home with a weight loss! Thats fantastic. Are we going to see some holiday pics?