Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Needing band advice....

I think something is up with my band!

I had a fill on the 22nd of June which bought me to a total of 6cc in my band, my Doctor said that 6cc is "average" for most people to have in their bands.

I did 24hours of fluids shakes and soups no problem.. I had in the mean time been fighting a cold/flu with sore throat and mucous cough which peaked over Thursday/Friday/Saturday lots of snot (gross sorry).

Thursday tried some veggie soup, small bit of diced chicken and 1tsp of mash potato, did not go down at all stuck on the first mouthful, vomited slime and then chicken.

Friday night we went and caught up with some friends I managed to get down 2 pieces of crispy base margarita pizza down very slowly no problems!

Sunday fluids for brekkie all ok... brunch scrambled eggs one small mouthful stuck.. another hours of vomiting slime and then finally unstuck the egg grrrrrr..

So since Sundays effort I have been having soup for dinner no probs..

but on Monday night I had chest pain intermittent worse when I was sitting up better when I was laying flat, then some reflux..shoulder tip pain lots of coughing with this stupid cold hanging on!

Last night Tuesday Made Thai stir fry chicken and veggies and rice.. Attempted just some chicken and veggies.... The worse Slime vomit ever so bad in was involuntary ... felt terrible..

Over night had some shoulder tip pain and tight chest... its better with a change of position.

I guess I am just terrified that something more serious is going on ...

Has anyone had the same?

Does cold and flu make a difference?

How long would it take after a stuck incident for any swelling to go down?

Help anyone what should I do? I am so greatful in advance xx

K xx


Joey said...

It can take 24+ hours for the inflammation to go down. It sounds like referred pain. You might be too tight. I'd get in to the doc soon. So sorry you are feeling so crappy!

tessierose said...

Sounds awful. I haven't had a cold since being banded, but I've had a bad pb slime episode and hurt for 2 days afterward. Hope you feel better soon.