Tuesday, June 1, 2010

vacations, fad diets and what to eat!

So the count down is on 7 days till I am off call for 4 whole weeks!!!  really looking forward to the break! The last few days have been busy at work, I worked all weekend had lots of births.... really hoping tonight is quite I am rather tired...

So the whole what to eat thing is my major issue at the moment...

4 years ago I did a meal replacement diet and lost a lot of weight over 6 months... about 26kg/56lbs I was starving 90% of the time but I was loosing weight.. So my weight loss has slowed slightly and its proberly not as fast as it was when I was doing meal replacement.. I just feel like thats not why I got the band! I dont want to be on these quick loss diets...hmmmmmmm I tried to explain that the band is design so I can eat a normal diet just less and make better choices....

but back to what to eat....Ive spent quite a lot of time PBing and feeling stuck or like things wont go down... tonight I tried scrambled eggs which normally go down fine but no go... last night I had one mouthful of potato and really pissed off my band.. I was retching for 30mins and feeling raw...

today ive had

0500 upandgo milk

0900 super nutrients smoothie with yogurt

1230 musle bar

1530small light chocolate milk

(1900 attempted eggs no go at all)

2000 100cal mousse

2100 milo

so looking back ive had lots of liquid calories.. all low cal low fat... but I wonder if I am too tight or have I just annoyed my band and she is angry with me! Works been so busy and I really cant eat solid food when I am rushing between clients I just get stuck.

I might ring the doctors office tomorrow and see where I can get some advice ...

Looking forward to the Challenge starting sunday!

K xx


Fiona said...

I am so with you on this post. I end up having mostly liquids and thats not why I got banded. Its not a healthy way to live either. Scrambled eggs dont go down for me ever, which was quite a surprise. Another no go is peas. Sometimes its the weirdest stuff? Can't wait for the challenge to start. I sort of feel like having a blow out before hand but that's the old me talking.
I lived in NZ for a year a very long time ago. Have fun on your holiday and good luck for the challenge.

THE DASH! said...

It does sound like all that PBing has irritated your band.. but isn't this typical. It's so hard to eat well when on the run. Maybe just try liquids (or soft mushies) for a day or so and that will probably help. Then just introduce solids again. I hope this sorts for you soon. I feel your pain. :)

Girl Bandit said...

I am with Dashie...just give the band a rest and when you go back onto solids go with things like fish or tuna and veggies and try to eat because ultimately you didn'y get band to do liquids. I think it is a good idea to talk to the dr too though. take care

Jen from Oregon said...

I third Dash & GB.
You might want to rest the band a couple days and go on mushies.
These bands have minds of their own, don't they?