Sunday, July 25, 2010

Had a great weekend.. spent Friday night cooking a cupcake tower for a friends birthday party on Saturday. I didn't even eat one!! had to rely on the boy to taste test for me!! here's some pics!!

Sorry for the food porn.. this was the first time I'd done a cupcake tower even though I've made a million cupcakes before! and the first time I hadn't sampled any!!!

At the party it was mostly nibbles.. I got stuck twice and had to excuse my self to bring up some slime!!!! what the! my restriction just suddenly kicked in! So after not being able to get anything down all day we went out for a latish dinner at the pub were the party moved on to.. I ordered some fish grill with veggies... 1st mouthful chew chew chew... stuck.... excuse my self vomit.... back for more... thought I was managing had 4 mouthfuls slowly.... 15 Min's later slime stuck so stuck excuse my self vomit!!!

I was with the same group of people most of the day then night so I had to think what they thought so embarrassing! vomit vomit vomit!!!

So today has been easier... I always do better at home.. no damage done with the vomiting just a lesson or two in ordering and food choices !!!

So the hot summer meltdown challenge is almost done.. feeling a little flat that I've done so badly. I cant believe how far behind the unfill has put me! I am really looking forward to welcoming August! And we need a new challenge!!!

I found some pictures I am going to share next post... some scary scary pictures!!!

K xx


THE DASH! said...

Lord! I remember the times I have done the same as you when eating out: it can be so hard. Congrats on getting through it.
And what a kick-ass cupcake tower. You made so many of them and didn't taste one? Amazing lol.

Jacquie said...

Eating out is definitely the worst for me too! I find I am rushed in the chewing dept. and eat too fast trying to talk and eat DO NOT GO WELL WITH THE BAND!

The cupcake tower looks delish and very professional!

Seeing in colour said...

Yay i love pics!!!!!

How cool does the cupcake tower look, spesh with all the little elvis's on it.. i love Elvis!

How good were you for not trying any of them.

That sucks that you were strugglin with your meals... i havent pb'd yet and im nervous, i havent been out for dinner and so im at home and watching what i eat more so thats probably why.

Im excited for the pics! I post way to many pics ahahaha