Friday, July 23, 2010

Band wisdom...

Just a quick update from me!

I had a fill last Tuesday.. My doctor confessed to me that he had actually taken 3cc/3mls at my unfill 2 weeks prior! Thank goodness I didn't know that! So The damage over the 2 weeks of basically no fill... 900grams (2lbs).. not a disaster but not fabulous either!

In hind sight going too fast with my fills has caused me to be behind in my weight loss by almost a whole month! So the moral of this is to not rush fills.. if you have a bad stuck episode get an unfill.. even though it feels like you are going backwards by having an unfill you are actually preventing yourself from stalling for a month or more!!! it took me 2 weeks to recover from being too tight for 2 weeks.. So that's my band wisdom for today!

Restriction is back.. the hunger has hung around a bit.. but I am coping...

K x

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