Monday, July 5, 2010

the unfill :(

So things really aren't any better on the band front ...

Not getting any solids down at all, had another stuck episode trying on Saturday after 4 full days of fluids...

Every night I have a odd cough, a raw sore throat and a stabbing pain between my should blades but slightly to the left/like a twinge..

water, Milo and protein shakes are all going down slowly and super thin soup..

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow of basically no solids, I am booked in at 2pm tomorrow to get an adjustment.

It's kinda silly, I've had to talk myself into going to get an unfill, I have this fear that by getting a unfill I will gain all the weight back.. I feel like its taking a step back. I don't think it is stepping back is it? The scales are sadly stuck which doesn't make sense with hardly any calories going in..

I bombed out in the Challenge this week lost only 500gram .. just on a pound! grr

Will let you know what the Doc has to say tomorrow xxx


Band Groupie said...

Nope, you're normal...we all are 'overprotective' of our fills. Just realize that many people have to get an unfill at one time or another and being too tight can definitely cause a weight gain. Good luck!

workinprogress said...

oh no!! Good luck.

Maybe your weight will drop after an unfill. Sometimes our bodies protest when we aren't eating enough.

Sandy Lee said...

You will feel so much better when you can eat solids. I feel your pain (been there!). Hope all works out for you.