Saturday, July 17, 2010

cranky pants ..

So my band is still missing in action.. I really hope she is still in there...

I have been so bloated  this week... retaining fluids at any opportunity and feeling very cranky!!

I've never really suffered mood changes with PMT but the last 2 cycles Ive been so cranky and irritable ! I think my hormones are all over the place ! Is it possible to gain 2kg (4lbs) in the lead up to TTOTM. The thing is its starting 10days or so before TTOTM is even due.... 10 days of it... the scales are settling a little as its getting closer but still showing as a gain!!!

So thats my vent ..

On the upside I bought a new skirt from the "normal" section in target in a 18 and it fits perfectly ... this is the only thing I am hanging on to at the moment!

I am booked for a fill Tuesday and it cant come quick enough.. I am away at a professional development course Wednesday and will be on fluids so that will be interesting... and I am sure the wine will be flowing in the evening.. must stay away from the wine!!

Have had a very interesting week this week returning to work after almost 5 weeks off.. but I think thats another post !

K xx

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Camille said...

I love the picture! I have a two year old who could pose for that shot on occasion! Hang in there with the Band. It will remind you its there soon enough.