Sunday, April 18, 2010

B.O.O.B .....could I.. and the wkend

I have been MIA in blog land for about 4 days... So much catching up to do! So I have just got a whiff of Chicago mania that is sweeping across the blogs... I Love America its my number 1 Holiday destination... so the thought of having something to attend in the states and meeting all of you is very tempting....
So the wedding Ive been stressing about was this weekend... Things went really well it was very hectic but we got there!No rain! although we did have an earth quake 3.8 the night before as we were having the important all girl sleepover...We stayed at a little B&B in the middle of a vineyard...Frightening!!!

I felt good having lost some weight my dress certainly needed some fashion tape on the cleavage as I've lost 10cm off my bust!

It was a gorgeous wedding, held at a boutique winery called the Lazy Ballerina its in the country and so lovely! I of course could not sample any of the gorgeous wines! I did manage a few small nibbles and some (1 slice) yummy wood oven pizza that was coming fresh out of the oven right in front of us (back to that later).

No movement on the scales on Friday... I was exactly the same as last Friday! humph
I haven't gone near the scales since Friday only because I haven't been home! It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow! I have a fill booked in for Thursday!

So back to the Pizza... so there was so much Pizza already paid for coming out of this amazing wood oven that they decided once everyone appeared full that they would start boxing it up for people to take home! over 40 pizzas were boxed up! So I figured it went down so easily why not take one home and heat up a slice for dinner! The other bridesmaid and I worked so hard all day then spent 3 hours cleaning up.. stacking chair.. taking down lantern arhhh all in heels.. I got home late... heated up some pizza.. one bite mmm snug fit.. second bite so stuck that I jumped out of the chair and started pacing... and panicking ohh the pain it awful.. I then PB'ed a bit ... then a bit more... sliming ohhh I was freaking out.. coughed..gaged...cried.. then vomited... arhhh relief......but raw and so sore I hope that never ever happens again it was awful!

Back to work this week... full steam ahead looking forward to getting back into the swing I have a feeling I am going to hit the ground running!

Sorry for the epic post .. well done if you have read to here

K xxx


Jacquie said...

OUCH! I am thinking you were tired and hungry and just ate to fast. I know, Its so hard to change our eating habits so quickly after a lifetime of eating that way. However, while I have not had an episode like this "yet" I know I will and hopefully, it will be a painful reminder of WHY we have to take tiny bites and chew, chew, chew!

Drazil said...

OH I hope you can come! Let us know!

workinprogress said...

Wow!! Wouldn't it be amazing if you could go!

Can I say GREEN WITH ENVY? :-)

I popped over and looked at the photo's. You looked gorgeous!!! What a beautiful wedding!

My little boy saw the bride and said to me "is that you dressed as princess mummy?". He really must have had his love goggles on - lol!!!