Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back from the doctor ...

So the good news is that the band has not slipped! YAY! phewww..

The doctor thinks that the pain is caused by where the tubing from the port to the band enters the abdo wall, apparently this little hole can get inflamed and aggravated as everything is settling down. So good news I hope thats all it is !

So we went ahead with the fill... He had some difficultly finding it but he did.. He put 3.5cc/ml in.. It was a very odd feeling but not really painful at all. He asked me to go to the waiting room and drink half a cup of water slowly to see how I go... Well first sip.. funny feeling in my throat... second sip tightness in my chest.. tried to burp no go... hmm third sip as I thought I making it up.. Stuck!!!!
So back in I went to have 1cc/ml taken out! So glad he only took out a 1 ....

Wow restriction feels so different to what I have felt the last 2 weeks! I thought I had some restriction but clearly I had none!!!

For dinner I had 4 spoonfuls of sweet potato and Leek soup with some ricotta blended through it... is that right? wow doesn't feel like much!

Thanks for the replies on my previous post I feel so lucky to have this community

K xxx


workinprogress said...

so good to hear! Glad everything is ok :)

THE DASH! said...

Yow! I was thinking when you talked about getting 3.5 mls in, that it seemed a lot for a first fill and it seems it was. I'm glad he sorted it straight away rather than sending you off only to have you come back to have some out. Just ride that restriction while you can. It prob won't last (cos its really early days) but you will get some nice weight loss from it most likely. :)
Very cool too, about the non-band slip. Great news!

Jacquie said...

I am so jealous that you got a fill already! I have to wait untl 6 weeks, 5/5! I hope I survive.

I'm so glad it wasn't a slip and hopefully you are feeling some relief by now.

-Grace- said...

Glad your band didn't slip!! I know you will do great with your new fill :)