Saturday, April 3, 2010

so whats the plan....

Today's a funny day I am thinking long and hard how I am going to manage my eating over the next week.. I gained 300grams this morning.. It was bound to happen at some stage.. Yesterday was the first time I had attempted mushies.. I had 2 tablespoons of mince and veg put in the blender then into some smooth sweet potato and leek soup... then I gained pfffftttt!!!

Meal replacement shakes have been a way of life for me over the last 3 years.. Ive had them for breakfast most of the time in that 3 years... So I don't mind having a shake for breakfast and even lunch...but part of me thinks that's not why I got the band.. I just don't know what to eat... I am feeling desperate to get this weight moving ...

Interesting that for the first time since the day of my surgery I am getting shoulder tip pain when I eat... hmmm I am guessing that's my full feeling..

K xxx


Girl Bandit said...

This gain isn't really fat you know....becaue how could it be...look at what you are eating????? I am sure that it will all settle down in the weeks to come. Perhaps thru this stage you need to weigh yourself just once a week. I did and after my fill weigh myself now are doing great !!!!

Jacquie said...

Katherine, I think the shoulder pain is from over-eating or even a little stuck feeling. I'm not sure but I had it last night for the first time! I think you are doing great also so do not get upset about a bounce on the scale. I have had that also and I know I shouldn't weigh every day but I do.

I agree that you don't want to just keep having shakes for breakfast and lunch. We got the band so we can eat in moderation and continue to lose. However, I will definitely always keep Atkins shakes around for times when I don't have time for another type of breakfast or lunch. I want them as a back-up but not as my usual.

You're doing fine! Don't worry....we'll get there!

Josie said...

Hello hello,
Easter is hard when you can't have chocolate hey!!! Anyway, you're gain.. pfft... don't weight your self every day.. yes I know it's hard, but don't stress.
By the way, is your port site itchy and a bit numb underneath the cut??

Fiona said...

Hi Katherine,
I am gaining then losing then gaining every day and like you Im at my wits end as to what to eat. I have no restriction but I cant eat the volume I used to. Sticking to approx 800 cals a day and gaining?????? I hope the fill does the trick because I am thinking this is not how its supposed to be. Hang on in there, Im sure it will work out, fingers crossed :-)