Monday, April 5, 2010

NSV....and My Monster closet....

Just a bit of background my wardrobe 6 months ago was over flowing and had been for at least 4 years. It was full of clothing in all different sizes from 16's right through to 26's. It would be true to say that I have been all of these sizes in the last 4years. Sadly the 16's were a very fleeting moment but hey I got there !

So to paint a picture in November when I started this band journey this is what my closet consisted of. 6 drawer tallboy stack full of clothing, 1 side of a built in robe hang space busting in fact buckling under the weight of all the hanging clothing 2 rows! and 6 yes 6 extra large size space saver bags full of clothing under the bed. My poor husband has put up with this for so long. It was so bad that I could only have the current seasons clothing in the actual wardrobe.

So I am pleased to say that on Saturday we went through everything yet again... I am left with half of the hanging space, half of the tallboy and no space saver bags!!! wooohooo..

Now how we got to this point.. My current jeans started to fall down on Thursday and I was terrified that the next size down would not fit me just yet... but they did!

I am down a size ! Now in a size 20 jeans! I fit into my size 20 old navy sweetheart jeans that I bought in LA last year! I also fit into the old navy diva cut that I have never been able to get into (tags still on)... My favorite Dickies girl jeans size 20 are slightly too tight but I can get them done up! Its a NSV thats for sure.... I have my dream outfit waiting which is size 18 Dickies girl jeans and a Las vegas hard rock cafe tshirt the small skinny gal type in a XXL... Now I know this isnt a very glamorous dream outfit but its something I havnt been able to wear just jeans and a tshirt... basic... but a dream !

The thought that keep entering my head... so my dream outfit is now the next size down in jeans.. I am in a 20 they are an 18..... oh my goodness 16 comes next could I actually wear a 16... and does it stop there is a 14 even on the table arhhhhh....

ok bed time here night night K xx


Girl Bandit said... can hear the excitement in your post...congrats. I dream of jeans too....Isn't it the best throwing our old stuff making way for the new....such a feeling of accomplishment. I did it on Sunday. Keep up the good work

workinprogress said...

Congratulations - that's such a great NSV! Love being able to fit into smaller sizes!!