Thursday, April 29, 2010

The week that was ...

Another week has almost come to an end wow this time of the year goes so quickly!

A quick recap on my week...

My Grandma has been really sick this past week.. not really looking like she is on the improve anytime soon. She is 79 and in a nursing home.. she has been moved to the hospital because of an infection. Ive been so sad and teary about it all week. hmmm that's all I can manage to say about that at the moment but its been on my mind!

Since last Friday I have delivered 8 babies! Its been so busy... the full moon didn't help! Yesterday I was at the birth center for 14 hours straight and caught 4 babies alone!! Sometimes birth warms my heart and soothes my soul... it brings me back to whats important.. The last birth yesterday was a women I've looked after for the last 6 months she was very special to me her last experience so traumatic... but this birth was so lovely ohhh it was perfect ... and they were so thrilled.. its so lovely to be a part of such a special time in someones life !

Ive had a really nasty (.) this week, the first since being banded.. Does anyone else find their band is tighter when they get their (.) it was so odd, got stuck on 1 bit of a sandwich! Because of this I have no idea what my weight is doing. I think my weight loss has stalled. In all honesty I feel a bit confused about what to eat. hmmm I need to come up with a plan I think. Any ideas of suggests? I read a lot about protein on here.. how much should I be having!

So 10 hours left on call, I am off call at 8am! Then I am off for the weekend!! I am so excited! 
I hope you all have a great weekend xxxx


Amy W. said...

6 births! That is amazing.

I am sorry to hear about your grandma. It's hard. Very hard.

I dont really notice being tighter during my period, but lots of bandsters do. I have heard it explained that due to the swelling or bloating that comes with a period, there is more pressure on the band making us feel tighter. i dont know if there is any truth to that...but it sounded good :)

LDswims said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she starts to improve soon.

May, 8 babies is a lot. 4 in one day must have had you exhausted! But I can understand your heart being warmed and your soul being soothed. That's awesome! (and I'm a little jealous.) :)

I had my (.) the week of surgery and that was awful for the healing aspect of things. Just made me feel so bleck. And couldn't get comfortable with (.) issues and couldn't get comfortable with surgery/incision it was just a rough couple of days. But I wasn't eating because of surgery so don't really know how my TOM will impact my eating. We'll see next month.

As for protein, there are two general rules. 1 is get 60g per day - 20g per meal, average. 2 is calculate your needs based on your weight. Your weight, in kg, * .8 = for me, that is 85g a day, right now. This will fall as I lose, obviously, and when I get close to a healthy weight, will actually end up around 60g. At my goal weight, should end up at 51g per then I think I'll actually be doing the 60g.

I hope that helps! :)

Have fun this weekend on your mini getaway. Sounds awesome!!! We have our 2 year anniversary coming up in two weeks and have a similar getaway planned. I can't wait! Except too hot for fires...we'll be lounging in a pool. :)

workinprogress said...

Happy anniversary - enjoy your weekend - hope it's a lovely one!

Sandy Lee said...

So sorry about your grandmother. Hope all goes well for her.

--Hey said...

Congrats on the new band... I was banded 3/23/10 I look forward to keeping tabs on your progress... I am at