Thursday, April 1, 2010

Advice needed....

So it seems I have a lot to say at the moment, Sorry if you are sick of my posts...

Today I saw one of the doctors at the clinic I attend,a few things came up

1. Staples removed no problems little pain all great

2. I have had this odd rash since the surgery it comes and goes. It only appears on skin that has had pressure on it. for example after my shower in the morning it is all over me but fades within an hour. When the doctor took the hyper fix off my scars it instantly came out then faded within an hour. At times it looks like a tiger has scratched me. (Ill try get a photo) its odd. The doctor has no idea what it is.. and joked that I am allergic to the lap band!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY! Has anyone else Had this rash post op???

3. My left thigh on the outer edge has been getting progressively more numb since the surgery... today it has extended down to under the knee.. I thought maybe my hips were out or maybe a pinched nerve... I mentioned this to the doctor and he seems to think its from the injection they gave me in my leg to stop vomiting. Sometimes it can damage a nerve.. it will either get better over the next few months or its permanent..... arhhhhhhh

4. We discussed my hunger levels and how since Tuesday I am having some hunger... His suggestion to slowly move on to mushie foods over the weekend.. and wait for it..... he will do a fill next Thursday 13 days post op.... Ekkkkk I asked him about common practice and research benefit/disadvantages of having an early fill.. He said some practices believe in fills at 1 wk post op and others will do them routinely at 2 weeks....... his most common practice was 3weeks but his seen a lot of benefit in doing them early.... What do you all think???

I feel so lucky that I am able to ask you all these questions... Any advice, experience or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

K xx


Jacquie said...

I had that same rash but I attributed it to the adhesive on the bandages. Once I stopped with the bandages, I did not have the rash anymore.

As fa as fills go, I've seen people on here getting them at 4 weeks and others at 6 weeks. My doc also recommends 6 weeks. I was told the first 4 weeks, the stomach is swollen and aggravated from the surgery so I'd assume thats why most wait 4-6 weeks.

While 2 weeks sounds early to me, your doctor has the M.D. after his name, I don't! My advice is to listen to your doctor.

TJ said...

Some docs give you a fill during surgery so I dont' think 13 days is that early. I had to wait almost 4 weeks and honestly I didn't mind - at the time. I didn't really feel that hungry, but over the next month I went through bandster hell. In fact I didn't really even feel my band until I got around 6ccs (out of 11) so the first fill did nothing.

My suggestion would be to schedule the fill and see how you feel right before. If you can't eat solid food then I would cancel the fill. If you can then a small fill would probably cut down on the bandster hell. Everyone is so different listening to your body would be the best thing to do this fill and everyone after.

workinprogress said...

Isn't it funny how we all get such different advice from our doctors?

I've almost been scared to say it on blogger - but my doctor let me start normal food 2 days after surgery!!! I too was a little scared! But it was fine and it was great not to have to deal with up to 2 weeks of liquids like some people.

I agree with TJ - my doctor doesn't put any liquid in the band at surgery and yet I've seen on blogger that alot of people already have a couple of cc's when they first get banded.

You're a smart woman with a medical background - so ask questions and if you feel comfortable with the answers go for it! You might not have to deal too much with bandster hell!!!

Josie said...

Hey there,
I am now onto day three after surgery and wondering if you had back pain from overcompensating I guess? I am still staying up at Mums and having been doing much like walking (apart from around the house) and definately not driving... Should I? I go home tomorrow so I guess I'll be a bit more active then.....

Ashli said...

I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and got my first fill today :)

Fiona said...

You are so lucky Katherine, I have to wait 6 - 8 weeks for a fill. I am 12 days post op and getting hungry with no restriction. My fill seems a long way off! Stick to your Dr's advice because they all have different ways of doing it.Well done on the weight loss.