Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shoulder tip pain!!!!

The last 3 nights between 9-11pm comes and goes but when it comes its really crippling arhhhhh.. tried heat pack and panadol hmmmphhh

On to more exciting new my magic bullet blender arrived today and I LOVE it! Its so amazing ! For dinner tonight I blended 1 egg,a dash of milk 5 slices of veggies, 1 small chuck of ricotta and 1 slice of ham. It blended completely smooth!!! I then made it into an omelet and it was fab!!!!! I high recommend it to new bandster love love love it !!!

The scale is bouncing and I am really not liking it at all! Friday is my record day so here's hoping its down down down!!!!!

So inspired by all the blogs this week some many of you reaching goal!!! and so many losing huge amounts! thank you all for sharing xxx

K xxx


Colls said...

I love the magic bullet - I used it everyday during the first two months post-band! That omelet sounds so good, my mouth is watering as I am trying to decide what to have for lunch today! <3

Jacquie said...

Love my Magic Bullet too! Your omelet sounds delish!