Sunday, March 14, 2010

The dreaded BBQ!!!

So yesterday was a little hard.. weekends really do suck when it comes to trying to do the PreOp diet. A few slip up on Saturday I tried so hard... hmmmpffff...

Then today we had a BBQ birthday to go to. I told the host about my preop diet and that if she didnt mind we would come late after they had eaten. Mainly to avoid the questions as to why I wasnt eating. So we thought we timed it perfectly but we arrived just as they were eating!!!! anyway I made the excuse that we had just eaten at a prior event!!! BBQ smell.. onions on the grill !!!!!!!!!! I just sipped my water and chatted... I survived I then came home to dinner veggies stir fried and I just an hour ago caved in and ate 3 squares of chocolate WTF is wrong with me !!!!

ohh I feel crappier and I now have a killer headache!!!!

Going to try to stay super focused this week! I have an appointment on Thursday to check on my pre op weight loss ohhhh and I am pre menstrual too which is not going to help with the scales doh doh !!!

taking my self to bed... Ohh how I hate Mondays 5am start bahh..!

K xxx


Jacquie said...

When is your surgery date Katherine? Mine is a week from Wednesday, 3/24. I am having it done in Mexico (I live in the states).

I feel for you with the pre-op diet. I didn't have to do one, lucky me, huh? You'll get through it fine. My friend had to do it for 2 weeks and was on for 80% of the time and her liver was fine. Don't beat yourself up!

workinprogress said...

Hang in there - today is a new day and you are so close now :-)

Katherine said...

Thanks for your support ladies xx

My date is the 26th March!!! Just after you !