Saturday, March 27, 2010

Made it to the other side!

So after all my anxious moments and nerves I made it I am banded!!

Thursday night after my little panic about the missing period, I actually got so stressed out that I got this red itchy rash all over my body. I was pulling my skin off almost like hives. So at midnight I was standing in a cool shower trying to get it to stop itching. Managed 3 hours sleep before I woke again scratching. It was almost time to get up anyway so up I got. I had a Telefast to stop the itching.. not sure if I was meant to but it worked and the itching stopped.

Got to the hospital at 6am as they had asked as I was first on the list. All signed in and then had to say goodbye  as I was going straight through to pre-op and then theater. I hate saying goodbye just did it quickly and off I went. Questions, health check, weigh in and gowned. Then more waiting! My over the top anaesthetist had told me that I would get a "gin and tonic" before going through to the larger operating theater. Quite funny really he gave it to me and it didnt really touch the sides I was chatting away and started teasing him say that if it was suppose to make me stop talking it hadnt worked, well he says here's your next shot of G&T bang I dont remember a thing from then on! hahahahaah so glad I dont remember the mask on my face part ewww...

So woke up in recovery and that wasnt too bad.. I didnt realise that I would be in the high dependency ward just because they wanted to monitor me closely with the morphine they had give me and I was considered high risk. That's where I spent the night getting ob's every two hours, so not much sleep for me! I did vomit shortly after getting back to the ward and once after trying 40mls of milk for dinner... ohhh so nasty vomiting after this surgery!

So at 4am I got up to use the bathroom and there is was my missing period.. Cheeky tart that she is... why today and not 3 days ago! I normally have the worst time pain wise with them and this one isnt any different. The pain meds are helping a bit but I did take a naprogesic (like Midol) as well which I am hoping I was allowed to do!

So far today Ive had, Brekkie 4 spoonfuls of jelly and a cup of tea. Lunch 50mls of Optifast shake, and now another sweet cup of tea. for dinner I might try some custard. Loving the sweet, milky warm tea very soothing. trying with the water also!

So a massive thanks you all for replying and reading my blog. your support is so amazing you guys really understand and I look forward to sharing more!


Debi said...

So glad to hear that you came through ok!! Now the recovery begins. Don't make my mistake and try to do too much, too soon though.

So..."Welcome to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Bandster's"!!

THE DASH! said...

Hi K,
I was thinking about you this morning knowing you went into surgery yesterday. SOOOO glad it all went just fine. Take it easy and rest up.. and if you have gas pains? Walk, (well shuffle) as much as you can. It really helps disperse it.


workinprogress said...

Yay!! Congratulations! I'm so glad everything went well :-)

Dinnerland said...

Congratulations-- I agree with Debi, take it easy and respect the healing process, rest and be kind to your body as you heal!!
Glad you've joined the banded bunch.

Jacquie said...

congrats Katherine. Take it from someone who was banded a whole 2 days before you...each day you will feel a little better! Rest up and walk...sounds funny but it works!

Lap Band Gal said...

Welcome to the losers bench!

Girl Bandit said...

It all sounds very normal to me but yuck to the vomiting and even more yuck to your (.) showing up...of all times!!!

Josie said...

Thank you for your comment!! I thought I'd check out your blog too! I will be watching your progress!! Here's to getting banded!! Jos xox