Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scales down another 200g this morning.. so 700g in 2 days...

Feeling really empty... I have a constant hungur that just hangs around..

Its a stormy morning here with lots of rain.. the kind of weather that makes you snuggle up in your trackies and eat rasin toast and hot tea... hmmm well that is happening in this house this morning and I am just sitting here enjoying my chocolate shake and hot tea with no sugar arhhhh....trying not to smell that amazing smell of hot rasin toast bahhhh..

Off to work shortly so that a good thing keeps me busy.. It may be a long week!

K xx


workinprogress said...

Hang in there - It sounds kinda crazy but the first couple of days are the hardest. The second week is much easier.

Take care :-)

THE DASH! said...

Love the green, really nice.
Workinprogress is right - it does pass and the first first days ARE the worst. If you're in Melb or Qld (judging by your storm comment - it isn't Perth - we have perpetual sunshine here lol) then I hope you're doing ok in the rain. Its been awful your way. Take care.

THE DASH! said...

*First FEW days .. sigh.. sorry that was a typo

Drazil said...

Just found your the I'm going to keep reading. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.