Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 more sleeps....

I got up this morning and and weighed in... YAY YAY YAY YAY I have lost 5.4kg 10lb8oz on my post op diet !!! Just in the nick of time hey! They asked me to loose 5kg! Now I am just frightened about keeping it all off for another 2 days!!

I am still a little nervous about Friday ... I keep thinking what if I don't wake up... I think I've been spooked by an incident at work on the weekend, had a well and healthy women die whilst having her baby. It was so rare what she died of by she was 23 and had no pre existing health conditions!! Of course there has been lots going on at works about it so I guess its on my mind.

Ive almost finished my handover for my job which I will be meeting with the person being me for the 2 weeks tomorrow. I am feeling anxious about this too but very ready to hand it over and not think about it anymore.

Did anyone have a last favorite meal? Some people have asked me if I am going too.. Personally I don't really see the point. Why wound I need to have one last meal.. I guess for me it wouldn't be fast food maybe something gourmet...or chocolate.. But is my head not in the right place if I am even thinking about this....hmmm

So now that work is almost done I plan to catch up on all your blogs and keep you all updated about whats going on here!



workinprogress said...

So sorry to hear about the patient at work. My mum was a Midwife for over 40 years and I remember the toll it took on her when something happened with a mum or bub. So sad.

On a brighter note - you are so close now!!

Congratulations - before you blink you will be banded :-)

THE DASH! said...

Good luck for Friday. At least being on the same time (well, within a few hours) I know when you say you're in, you're in for the surgery. Will be thinking of you.

Sad about the young girl. That just amazes me in this day and age that someone can still die in childbirth. I guess we still don't have all the answers even though its the age of medical miracles. Just know you did all you could... :) x

Band Groupie said...

Good luck on Friday! I started following at just the right time! It will be fun watching you progress! Yeah, I had several 'last suppers' only because I didn't have a pre-op diet. I'm still able to eat last supper needed! Stay strong! -BG
I'm here:

Debi said...

Will be thinking of you Friday.

I was on a Pre-Op Diet, but lost more than required, so I had a last meal early the day before surgery of Fillet Mignon. Yum, the Doctor never knew it, and all was fine.

Sorry to hear about the Very Young Woman's untimely death, but You Will Be Fine!!!

Katherine said...

Thanks ladies xxx