Sunday, March 7, 2010

The pre op diet has started

So today is day 2 of the preop diet...

7kg just seemed like far too much weight to loose in 10days so I decided to start a few days early.. I have to loose 5kg (11 lbs) by the 18th and 7kg (15.4lbs) by the 26th arhhhhhhhhh.......

So yesterday was tough but I got through it..

Brekkie - Shake

Lunch - shake

arvo snack - Cream of cauli soup
(from my sureslim cook book less the 30cals per serve)

Roasted zucchini, tomato, asparagus and broccoli
on a bed of Notatoes ( whipped cauli from Tony Ferguson cookbook)it actually tastes like mashed potatoes)
with 120g of seasoned chicken breast mince

Diet yogurt

2.5L of water

This is the diet I was given.. some people I know have had to do 3 shakes a day and no food. Just hoping I have the same results!

Hoping I am on track... scales down .5kg this morning!!

19 days to go !!!!!!!

K xxx

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Ashli said...

Good luck with the start of your pre-op diet! I'm one of the ones where it's 3 shakes a day and no food so enjoy those veggies!!! lol