Tuesday, March 30, 2010

is the inferno coming....

Day 6 today...

So yesterday I felt hunger for the first time since the surgery.. I was a little upset about it. This is what I had yesterday

Brekkie 375ml meal replacement shake
Lunch 375ml Meal replacement shake
mid arvo 150mls, banana, blueberry and yogurt smoothie
Dinner 2/3 cup of cream of cauili soup
2 hours later 375ml meal replacement shake

so I am a little sad and annoyed about it.. I am feeling hunger now and also the scales were only down 100grams this morning doh doh doh!!!

I am trying to not get obsessed about it... Clearly the first few days after surgery when you aren't eating much of course you are going to loose big amounts hmmphhh

Ive read back on a few peoples blogs to see what was happening at this stage and it seems to be the way it plays out! and it also seem this is all leading to bandster hell or worse bandster inferno!!!

I have no idea when they will let me have a fill... Getting the staples out tomorrow so will let the low down... Also the port site is so tender... I over did it again yesterday and paid for it last night feeling pulling/tearing/stabbing hmmmm

K xxx


workinprogress said...

Bandster inferno - love it!!!

Hang in there - you are great!

Remember - you just had a big loss. You will probably maintain for a little while and then the scale will go down again :-)

Debi said...

It takes a while for most of us to start losing again after Surgery, so give it time!!

Don't worry, what you are feeling now, will only get worse (Bandster Hell) until you hit some decent restriction. So just hang in there! I am still in Bandster Hell! LOL

Try not to overdo it, it is really easy to hurt yourself at this stage.

Most people get their first Fill between 4-6 wks after Surgery!! So hang in there!

Girl Bandit said...

Everyone is different...perhaps you will settle down on muchies I did. I b=never had Bandster hell. Take each day as it comes. rest and recover and the weight loss will come...promise. you are going so well